Where to Try Indoor Rock Climbing in Vancouver

Climbers at the Richmond Olympic Oval near Vancouver

Photo via Richmond Olympic Oval

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to get fit, push your limits, and have fun. Try it out at one of these beginner-friendly Vancouver area indoor rock climbing gyms.


Indoor Rock Climbing For Beginners

There are two types of indoor rock climbing: roped climbing and bouldering. When roped climbing, you wear a harness that is secured to a rope, then you climb tall walls. If you lose your grip, the rope stops you from falling. Bouldering takes place on shorter walls without a rope or harness. If you fall, you’ll tumble a few feet onto soft pads.

Indoor rock climbing gyms are set up to help beginners get started. They rent rock climbing shoes and harnesses. Gyms also offer orientation sessions to first-time visitors and in-depth lessons to hone your technique. If you’ve never climbed with ropes before, take a course to learn how to safely use the ropes, harness, and belay devices.

Most gyms offer both drop-in rates and memberships. To avoid overcrowding, you may need to sign up for a time slot in advance at some gyms. Check gym websites for policies.


The Hive Heights Vancouver

The Hive Heights is a large roped climbing gym in the False Creek Flats that has options for both beginners and experienced climbers.

Where: 670 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver

Interior of The Hive: Vancouver Heights climbing gym

Photo via The Hive

The Hive Bouldering Vancouver

Operated by the same company, The Hive Bouldering is just down the street from The Hive Heights. This gym specializes in bouldering and doesn’t have any roped climbs.

Where: 520 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver

Interior of The Hive Bouldering: Vancouver

Photo via The Hive


The Aviary

The Aviary is a volunteer-run roped climbing gym at the University of British Columbia. But you don’t have to be a student to climb here: it’s open to everyone.

Where: 6133 University Boulevard, Vancouver

Interior of The Aviary rock climbing gym at UBC in Vancouver

Photo via The Aviary


Richmond Olympic Oval

Find Metro Vancouver’s tallest climbing wall at the Richmond Olympic Oval. The 17-meter-tall wall is open for roped climbing and they also have a bouldering area. The Oval is also home to Vancouver’s only speed climbing wall.

Where: 6111 River Road, Richmond

Bouldering area at the Richmond Olympic Oval near Vancouver

Photo via Richmond Olympic Oval


Climb Base5 North Vancouver

Climb Base5 has called North Vancouver home for almost 30 years. They offer both roped climbing and bouldering and have lots of options for beginners.

Where: 1485 Welch Street, North Vancouver

Interior of Climb Base 5 rock climbing gym in North Vancouver

Photo via Climb Base5


The Hive North Shore

The North Shore location of The Hive is a bouldering gym, so you’re never far off the ground. They also have a yoga studio on site.

Where: 2270 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver

The Interior of the Hive Bouldering gym in North Vancouver

Photo via The Hive


Climb Base5 Coquitlam

The Coquitlam branch of Climb Base 5 has 13-meter-tall walls for roped climbing and bouldering areas where you’ll get up to 4 meters off the ground.

Where: 98 Brigantine Drive, Coquitlam

Climb Base5 Coquitlam indoor rock climbing in Vancouver

Photo via Climb Base5


The Hive PoCo

The Hive also has a bouldering gym in Port Coquitlam. The location has lots of windows, so it’s bright inside.

Where: 815 Village Drive, Port Coquitlam

The Hive bouldering gym in Port Coquitlam near Vancouver

Photo via The Hive


The Hive Surrey

The Hive’s newest location is near the Patullo Bridge in Surrey. They have a large bouldering area as well as a small gym for stretching or working out.

Where: 11125 124 Street, Surrey

The Hive bouldering gym in Surrey

Photo via The Hive


Coastal Climbing Centre

Located in Surrey’s Newton neighbourhood, Coastal Climbing Centre has been around since 1993. They offer both roped climbing and bouldering and have a small training area.

Where: 7728 128 Street, Surrey

Coastal Climbing Centre in Surrey

Photo via Coastal Climbing Centre


Project Climbing Cloverdale

Project Climbing is a huge bouldering gym in Surrey’s Cloverdale neighbourhood with lots of beginner-friendly routes.

Where: 17828 65A Avenue, Surrey

Project Climbing in Cloverdale

Photo via Project Climbing


The Rockwall

Maple Ridge’s The Rockwall offers both roped climbing and bouldering. The roped climbs are on the shorter side, making it a great option for beginners.

Where: 11455 201A Street, Maple Ridge

The Rockwall climbing gym in Maple Ridge

Photo via The Rockwall

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