Kids In Vancouver: 5 Best Indoor Pools Fit For Little Splashers

Splashing Kids

Water Kids | Photo: Flickr

Whether it’s splashing in rain puddles, wading in rivers, or cannon-balling in lakes, kids can be absolute aquaphiles in the presence of water. And while Vancouver boasts a bounty of beaches and outdoor pools that are perfect for toe-dipping and water play, the city also offers a range of indoor pools that are perfect for cooling off on scorching Summer days, or warming up when there’s a chill in the air.

Here are 5 indoor pools in and around the Metro Vancouver Area that are perfect for little splashers and their parents, who keep them afloat when they’re desperate to go for a swim.

Watermania Flickr Clayton Perry

Watermania | Photo: Clayton Perry Flickr


14300 Entertainment Blvd. Richmond, BC
Website | Phone: 604-448-5353

As the name implies, this pool epitomizes indoor aquatic adventures. Featuring a 57 metre competition pool, a large wave pool, an interactive climbing structure, a rope swing and two water slides, this destination is the perfect spot for a full day of water play for kids of all ages.

Killarney SABMagazine

Killarney Leisure Pool | Photo: SAB Magazine

Killarney Leisure Pool

6260 Killarney St. Vancouver, BC
Website | Phone: 604-718-8201

Not only does this pool feature a giant winding water slide, a lazy river, and various fun spray features, but it is also well known by local families as a warm, clean, ozone-treated pool. With reduced chlorine levels, swimmers can enjoy excellent water quality and clarity, and a reduced risk of skin and eye irritation. The floor-to-ceiling windows keep the space bright and vibrant, and swimmers can enjoy sweeping views of the North Shore mountains as they splash, swim and spray.

West Van Aquatic Centre

West Vancouver Aquatic Centre | Photo: Flickr

West Vancouver Aquatic Centre

2121 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC
Website | Phone: 604-925-7270

This warm, ozone-treated pool features a beach-style entry leisure pool with fountains, a lazy river, a water curtain, and spray features. It also includes a separate, shallow, parent-tot play area with a mini slide and mini fountains suitable for tiny splashers. This aquatic destination also features a giant red water slide, and a Wibit – a large yellow inflatable aquatic obstacle course for swim savvy kids.

Eileen Daily Pool Burnaby

Eileen Daily Leisure Pool | Photo: Eileen Daily

Eileen Daily Leisure Pool

240 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Website | Phone: 604-298-7946

Drenched in natural lighting from the surrounding windows, this pool features a winding tube-style water slide that weaves in and out of the building before whizzing to its base. It also has spray water features, beach-style entry, and a separate shallow play area for smaller children to enjoy.

VAC Flickr Mag Leahy

Vancouver Aquatic Centre | Photo: Mag Leahy Flickr

Vancouver Aquatic Centre

1050 Beach Avenue Vancouver, BC
Website | Phone: 604-665-3424

Most famous for its unique exterior and beachside, downtown Vancouver location, this 42-year-old facility remains a favourite swimming destination for local Vancouverites. While it may not sparkle as brightly as its modern counterparts, this pool boasts a water slide, a rope swing, a toddler pool, and a separate dive tank with diving towers as high as 10 metres – perfect for swimmers of all levels. Pop in for a refreshing swim, or snap a photo outside this historic Vancouver site.

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