A Vancouver Newcomer’s Observations Vol 2 – Job Dropping

Photo: fineartamerica.com

Photo: fineartamerica.com

Hello Vancouver! My name is Britanny, and I’m a Vancouver newbie. I’m from Canmore, Alberta, I went to university in Calgary, after that I moved to Montreal, and now I’ve landed here in Vancouver. Though I’m a fresh Vancouverite, I’ve already come to adore this city and I’m proud that I now get to call it home. Follow me and my column, New-B, as I get to know Vancouver and, inevitably, fall in love with it.

Throughout my travels I’ve come across a whole lot of people who just can’t wait to tell me what they do for a living. By this I do not mean they are so passionate that they just want to share. What I mean is that they want to rattle off their verbal resumes to seem impressive in social situations whenever possible. I’ve noticed this in some cities far more than others. I confess, I assumed Vancouver was going to be a hot-spot for what I like to call “job dropping,” the act of name-dropping your job title. To my delight, I’m glad to admit I was completely wrong! These people are everywhere, in every city. They somehow appear from the rafters at bars and gatherings whenever conversation leans towards work, sometimes totally unprovoked. That being said, these people make up such a small percentage of the lovely individuals I’ve met thus far in Vancouver!

Photo: www.lonelyplanet.com

Photo: www.lonelyplanet.com

Vancouver is filled with remarkable people, interesting occupations, trail blazers, and so much passion. Here’s the kicker: You have to actually chat with people to find out about it! Since I’ve arrived here I’ve got to chatting with a number of wonderful, down-to-earth people and later found out that they have incredible lives/ careers and are extremely passionate and successful. When you get to know someone new, it’s only a matter of time before “so, what do you do?” sneaks into conversation, it’s unavoidable. I must say, the amount of passion and excitement people have been speaking with about their lives and pursuits truly gives me chills! To think that I’m interacting with this wildly inspiring person, and they’re sitting back letting me talk about my cat or that I stubbed my toe earlier that day!

If you pass through Vancouver, there are a few observations you might make right off the bat: People discuss real-estate like the weather (constantly and casually), there’s some serious money here (as shown by the constant Porsche parade), and it’s expensive. That being said, if you were to spend a short time in Vancouver and notice these qualities, you might make a huge error and judge Vancouver in a way that it most certainly should not be. For every person driving a flashy car and wearing a Gucci sweat suit, there are a hundred who are living modestly while absolutely slaying at life.

There are countless undercover bosses moving about this extraordinary city, living their extraordinary lives, and remaining completely humble. Finding out how utterly cool a person is can be so very inspiring! I’d like to challenge everyone to sit down and have a chat with someone new this week, you might find a brand new source for inspiration, and in the very least, a new friend! Well Vancouver, you’ve done it again. What an wonderful place filled with equally wonderful people.

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