Japan, the U.K. and Canada Will Light Up the Skies Over English Bay For the 27th Year! (Free Tickets)

The spectacular energy of the Honda Celebration of Light returns for its 27th year on the shores of English Bay, with a thrilling line-up for this year’s festival, featuring Japan, the United Kingdom and home team Canada. The three teams are set to take to the skies on Sat. July 29th, Wed. August 2nd and Sat. August 5th, respectively, in the world’s longest running offshore fireworks competition.

This year, organizers are proud to focus their efforts on brand-new live musical entertainment that celebrates our country’s heritage, where Vancouverites can spend their afternoons soaking in the sun with thousands of fellow festivalgoers, listening to energetic and soulful live musical performances.

“The Honda Celebration of Light sparks togetherness and celebrates the spirit of our city as Vancouver’s premier event,” said Paul Tilbury, Co-Chair of the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society. 

“With over 1 Million spectators last year, the Honda Celebration of Light continues to be one of our best-known and most popular summer festivals,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Celebrating 27 years in Vancouver, this signature summer event showcases our city on the world stage and is a huge boost to our vibrant local economy.” 

“More than just breathtaking fireworks, we celebrate music, food and culture through our full-day of activities leading up the big show at 10PM. This truly is a celebration that lights up our region,” added Heather Owen, Co-Chair.


  • July 29th: AKARIYA Fireworks, representing Japan
  • August 2nd: Jubilee Fireworks, representing the United Kingdom
  • August 5th: Royal Pyrotechnie, representing Canada

At promptly 10:00 p.m. each night, rain or shine, the fireworks will begin from barges located in English Bay. Music simulcast can be heard on LG 104.3 FM and through the festival’s mobile app. The winning team will be announced on August 8th.

The Keg Lounge

Looking to have a ball under the fireworks, listening to live musical performances? Once again this year, the Keg Lounge, located on the Bathhouse Roof in English Bay, offers a VIP lounge experience and great live music, brought to you by LG 104.3, featuring local and emerging talent. With unobstructed views of the fireworks, the Keg Lounge is the perfect way to treat yourself and your friends to the quintessential Vancouver experience. Tickets sell out fast so be sure to get yours early!

Limited quantity Early Bird tickets are on sale now, beginning at $159 and can be purchased at: HondaCelebrationofLight.com. Regular priced tickets will start at $179. 

Concord Lounge at the Inukshuk 

With the closest water view of the fireworks, the Concord Lounge at the Inukshuk on the peninsula at English Bay is the place to be if you’re in the mood for great energy, delicious food and fantastic drinks among a discerning crowd. Features of the Lounge include: guaranteed seating, musical simulcast of the fireworks soundtrack, hors d’oeuvres, cash bar service, private washroom facilities and a laid back vibe, making it the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of the beach with your friends and colleagues!

Limited Early Bird tickets are on sale now for $149 and can be purchased at: HondaCelebrationofLight.com. Regular priced tickets are $169.

YVR Observation Deck  

The custom built bleacher-style seating of the YVR Observation Deck is situated in the heart of the action at English Bay. This all-ages licensed area offers a fun, energetic atmosphere, as well as reserved seats with a prime view of the fireworks, musical simulcast of the fireworks soundtrack, cash bar service, private washroom facilities, direct access to food service, and giveaways. 

Limited Early Bird tickets are on sale now for $44 and can be purchased at HondaCelebrationofLight.com. Regular priced tickets are $49. 

YVR Business Class Cabanas in the YVR Observation Deck 

Back by popular demand, the YVR Observation Deck Business Class corporate cabanas return once more, to offer the perfect location to host guests or a private party, overlooking the spectacular energy of English Bay! Located on the concourse level, each private hosting area holds 24 guests and offers comfortable seating and complimentary appetizers. Please get in touch with us at fireworks@brandlivegroup.com for more details.

For more information and tickets visit HondaCelebrationofLight.com

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @CelebOfLight using the hashtag: #Celeboflight and like them on Facebook.

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228 Responses to Japan, the U.K. and Canada Will Light Up the Skies Over English Bay For the 27th Year! (Free Tickets)

  1. Alex

    Always happy for the return of the Festival of Lights.

    • Faye Hutchison

      After taking 7 kids annually to 20 years of fireworks and now all grown and traveling, it would be nice to see them again :)

    • Cathy Newton

      Visiting Vancouver that week what a thrill to win the tickets.

  2. Valerie

    I would love to see the Festival of Lights!

  3. christophe

    Me me me!

  4. Raveena

    Haven’t been in years. Would be great to experience this way!

  5. Eldwin Wong

    Would love to take the family there!

  6. Trent Fenwick

    I would be very happy to come to Vancouver and see such a beautiful spectacle.

  7. Very excited for this year’s line up! Would love to see the fireworks from the observation deck for the first time.

  8. Marvin

    Vancouver is starting to be a thriving social place to be in. Come on down.

  9. Suzanne

    A special night….would love to be able to see it!

  10. Jessica

    Would love to go!! My little one loves fireworks!!! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  11. Derek

    Special seating would be an awesome prize!

  12. Tamara

    I just fly in from Switzerland that day. I haven’t seen the ‘Honda lights’ before..would loove to be part of this spectacular event!

  13. Praveena

    Would love to take my in-laws. This is their first time visiting.

  14. Angeline

    Would love to take some people there!

    • I would like to go vancouver and see the light festival.Does anyone would like to go together in their car or group together to go and see it. You can contact me at my email snowwhite2003_2004@hotmail.com please and thank you.

  15. Blair

    I’d like to see the couple I met yesterday enjoy the show.

  16. Nina Kumar

    I would love the chance to win this most excellent prize for seeing fireworks!

  17. Nyomi

    I lived in Japan, my boyfriend is British and I am Canadian. This is perfect !

  18. shannon hawkey

    Would love this.thanks..

  19. Elizabeth Edwards

    Iam coming to Vancouver on 26th July to see my son who i haven’t seen for 6 years he wants me to see the fireworks this would be fantastic for us

  20. Isabelle S

    Cross fingers!

  21. Maria

    Me please! :)

  22. Kyra Escanan

    Will be grateful to finally see the Festival of Lights properly.

  23. Dylan

    Please pick me!

  24. Kathleen

    I want to win!

  25. Dianne L

    Such a Great Vancouver Event….always love it

  26. Christie M

    Sounds so fun!

  27. tas

    cant wait for the BOOM BOOM!

  28. Jessica

    Can’t wait!

  29. Sunny

    Excited for the fireworks!

  30. Jamilla

    Yes please!

  31. Kevin

    Beautiful fireworks in a beautiful city.

  32. Julia

    My dad’s visiting all the way from Korea next Friday! It would be so great if we can go to see fireworks :)

  33. Juliet

    Always an amazing event to attend

  34. christyg

    yes please!

  35. Stephanie l

    Would love the opportunity to see this event!

  36. Teresa

    Would love to see this with my baby!

  37. CC

    We’re in Vancouver visiting. Would love to spend the special day with my husband and kids. As it is also my husband’s birthday that day.

  38. Sam

    Heard amazing things about this event! Would love to see it :)

  39. Minnie

    One of the best events! It would be amazing to see the beautiful fireworks with my amazing husband!:) thanks for hosting this amazing event guys!

  40. I’m ready to pick up the tickets

  41. Hugo Stahelin

    I need those tickets!!

  42. Ana Reinemer

    Awesome festival ?

  43. Inga

    Would love to go to this!

  44. Barbara

    Looking forward to the Celebration of Lights!

  45. Betty

    this will be spectacular!

  46. Cheryl

    Would mean so much to win this so I could bring some family.
    The fireworks show never ceases to thrill me and all countries are winners in my eyes

  47. Please pick us!

  48. Jill K

    Always watch from very far away. I imagine it is a spectacular show from a great viewing location

  49. Atsushi Mutajima

    Cant wait!!

  50. Daud

    Please give me tickets

  51. Yurie

    Wooo it would be so nice to see Japanese one!!

  52. Nicole

    It will be my first time watching a firework in Vancouver! It would be awesome to watch it as a”VIP” :D
    Plus, I have a friend from France that will be here !!! (#howtoimpress)

  53. Addil

    Would love to my family from Africa to see the fireworks

  54. Addil

    Would love to take my family from Africa to see the fireworks

  55. Jake

    Never been!! Maybe this is the year!! ?

  56. Chika

    I would love to see it in VIP seat!
    I love this time is the season :)

  57. HR

    I always seen the fireworks from Kits Beach. Would love to see this year’s fireworks in sync with music at English Bay!!

  58. Heather

    Wahoooooweeeeeeeeee…..this will be another stellar LIGHT UP in the sky event! Good luck everyone!


  59. Chika

    I would love to see it in VIP seat! I love this time of the season :)

    **this is correct email, not the one on previous post! Thanks!**

  60. Trish Lam

    Awesome event to attend?

  61. Lisa

    First summer for my 7 months old son!
    We’d love to spend a fabulous time there!!!!

  62. Leanne

    I was at the very first competition and almost all of them in between and I’ll be at the 27th!

  63. Linda

    Woot woot! Excited to see team Japan!

  64. Carol broad

    Sounds absolutely awesome just like Vancouver.

  65. Goretti

    I would love to go ! ❤

  66. Olga Gretska

    Would love to go!

  67. Patty

    Would love to attend and take my girlfriends for a fun night out!

  68. Amy W

    Would love a girls night out at the fireworks!

  69. Dina

    Hope my first summer in Vancouver will start from a VIP seat!

  70. Amy

    Japanese fireworks are THE BEST! I hope to see them this summer here!

  71. G S

    Would love to attend.

  72. K.H.

    Oh! fingers and toes crossed tightly

  73. Dylan King

    My girlfriend and I have lived in Vancouver for the last 2 plus years and have never had the opportunity due to school, work and money lol but sure would love to see this….thanks

  74. Gigi

    Would love to win a pair of these tickets & take my date to it! It’ll be his first time watching fireworks in BC ?

  75. Sharon

    I would love to go to the fireworks….Please!

  76. joyce

    My favourite nights of the year!!

  77. Steven Chan

    Wow! I wanna see the fireworks!!! =)

  78. Hector olmedo

    I would love to see it! Thanks thanks

  79. I’m soooooo excised!!!

  80. Kanis kalam

    It would be amazing to be part of the celebration ?

  81. Mark

    Would love to see this firework celebration with friends!

  82. Vancouver is an awesome city to visit without fireworks, but this international fireworks competition is fabulous. You can’t ask for a better backdrop!

  83. Ligia

    Just moved to the city and I am completely in love with it! I can’t wait to see this wonderful festival!

  84. Kay

    The perfect vancity summer treat!

  85. Dianne

    I would love to watch Japan!

  86. Isabel

    Can’t wait to watch the Fireworks again!

  87. Roseanne Chan

    One of the best things that happen during the summer!

  88. Ankita

    This will be great. I love Vancouver ??

  89. Rakesh Saraf

    Missed Canada Day Fireworks ?. Hoping to make it to this one. Will be epic.

  90. Anna

    I have lived in this beautiful country for 7 years and I have missed this event every one of those years!

    This time I gotta go!

  91. Stu

    Have seen the fireworks from many different spots but have never been able to see from the front row. Would love to!

  92. Leslie

    Would love to see these fireworks! ?

  93. Kaylee

    I would love to go to the fireworks !!

  94. Ron

    I would love love to see the Festival of Lights!

  95. Emi

    I can’t believe if I win!!! This summer is the very precious year for me to spend my bebe of long distance relationship in vancouver!!!

  96. Johnny P.

    I love watching fireworks!

  97. Brandon

    Bucket List

  98. Randy Thomas

    My wife and I had our wedding day on top of the one of the hotels in the West End one of the nights of the fireworks many, many years ago. It was a magical night. Having kids doesn’t give us a chance now to fight crowds and stay out until 10:30pm but we would book a babysitter to have a chance to enjoy the fireworks from the observation desk. How romantic! Fingers crossed!

  99. Miranda K

    So excited for the Celebration of lights!!!!!

  100. Trevor

    Who can say no to free tickets?

  101. I drive a Honda! I truly deserve to win☺️ And it’s my birthday weekend on August 5th….its just meant to be!! Love this event.

  102. S Hazam

    Need free tickets to the show!

  103. Elaine

    Oh my would love this prize!!! Missed them last year:(

  104. Sophi

    This is a highlight of Vancouver summer!

  105. Lucy

    Yay me please ?

  106. Pamela

    FIREWORKS!!! <3

  107. Ryan W

    I go every year,would be great to see them like this contest tho

  108. Ingrid

    Yeeesss pleeeeeaaaaseee!!!

    I am so hoping and praying for some free tickets to the Celebration of Lights!! We have been wanting to go and some free seats would be aweseome for my hip!

  109. Lisa

    Would be a great birthday present for my daughter’s 18th!

  110. Nikkita nair

    So excited for this year’s line up! Can’t wait to watch!

  111. Karen

    Winner, winner, fireworks dinner!

  112. The last time I went to watch the fireworks, twitter wasn’t even invented yet.

    Super excited!

  113. Ana

    Would like to see the fireworks with my family. We are from Quebec and will visit Vancouver for the first time next week. So excited!

  114. Matt

    Looking forward to the fireworks – always a great festival

  115. Brent

    They are always great! We go almost every year. Seeing them from the observation deck would be awesome!

  116. Anna

    Missed seeing most of them last year, as we were stuck in traffic through Stanley Park. Would be great to see them this year, in style!

  117. Bruce MacGibbon

    An experience you do not want to miss
    One year I watched from The Landmark Hotel on Robson. They set me up with a great view.

  118. Colleen

    Such a special event!

  119. Laura Davila

    I love the Celebration of Light event. Looking forward to watch this year’s teams!

  120. Would love to come with tickets!

  121. Barbara Willcox

    Would love the tickets.

  122. Yoko K

    Super excited for the celebration of light!
    Pleeeeeeeeeeese! Ticket pleeeeeeeeeeese!!!

  123. Christine Lee

    I loving going every year with my family! Can’t wait!

  124. Elizabeth Bellini

    It’s my hubby’s birthday and I would love to take him to see the fireworks. :)

  125. Karine Rocheleau

    It’s the first year that me and my baby girl will see them together. Looking forward to a great time

  126. Nana Simons

    I’m visiting Vancouver from Tokyo, Japan and I would LOVE to see the team Akariya fireworks representing Japan!!!

  127. Ivy

    Me please!!! :)

  128. Yumiko Shiba

    I’d love to see the fireworks since I miss Japan so much right now. Please!

  129. Saori Dela Cruz

    Me please!!!

  130. Jenny

    The fireworks at Celebration of Lights are always spectacular! Would love to win the tickets to watch with my family ?

  131. Alex MLDL


  132. Hiro

    Go Akariya go! Go Japan Go!

  133. Am

    It’s been years since I’ve gone to see the fireworks. Hope I win!

  134. Jason

    I have been a good boy this year.

  135. Maeve O’Connell


  136. Nina

    Excited for the fireworks!!

  137. K

    Thanks for running this contest!

  138. Lakhvir

    Missed out last year hopefully i can get it this time

  139. Rosemin rahemtulla

    Please pick me!! I drive a Honda :)

  140. Kaori

    Yes please!

  141. Shawna

    This would be a great experience to share with my Mom who will be visiting from Manitoba

  142. Claudia Canizalez

    I would like to go and enjoy the fireworks at Celebration of Lights. I think they will be spectacular.

  143. Melissa Smith

    Would love to see this ?

  144. Sheena

    I would love to win, from prince george will be in Vancouver at this time

  145. Georgia Robinson

    Would be nice!

  146. Katherine

    What an experience this will be!! ?

  147. Erika

    Would love to win this!!! ?

  148. Mouse604

    Looking forward to a great show!

  149. Awesome!!! Would be such a treat! Thanks for the chance!

  150. would be fun to go!

  151. Natalie Vermaas

    Would love to win this experience! Love the Festival of Lights.

  152. Cicy

    Yay fireworks!

  153. Carolyn

    I’ve only seen it once and I want to go again!

  154. Mayra

    ?Please me me me me!!?

  155. Steph

    This is one of my favourite events in the city! Fingers crossed. Would be the highlight of summer!

  156. ryan pham

    please meeeeeeee

  157. Sophiii

    Pick me pick meeee
    Haven’t been able to see celebration of light for the past two years… used to go every year before that!!!! Hopefully I get to catch all three this year :)

  158. Dennis

    Would love to take the family and view the fireworks with them from the observation deck

  159. I’d love to go and surprise my cousin on his birthday and celebrate on deck thank u when I win this I’ll share this website and send u guys pics from the event on twitter thank u for the contests and opportunitys you guys present I’m grateful

  160. Heather

    Would love to see the fireworks from English bay.

  161. Amy Lau

    Great lineup of countries. So excited to see it…even better if watching from the Observation Deck!

  162. Shaun Toomer

    This contest sounds like a great way to enjoy the fireworks “on the next level” so to speak. I would love to go!

  163. Sandy Davidson

    “Fire”works – not sure after being trapped in this BC Wildfire living in 100 Mile House but fireworks are one of my favorite things – this is our 30th anniversary – what a wonderful way to celebrate this would be!

  164. Sandy Davidson

    “Fire”works – not sure after being trapped in this BC Wildfire living in 100 Mile House but fireworks are one of my favorite things – this is our 30th anniversary – what a wonderful way to celebrate this would be!

  165. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to see these spectacular fireworks again!

  166. Ying

    Can’t wait for the fireworks!

  167. Ky

    Thank you!

  168. Iris

    excited to go every year!

  169. Lanie

    My husband and I together with our almost 2 years old son are so excited to watch the fireworks! Free ticket would be great and convenient for us ?

  170. nozomi ukon

    I cannot wait for Japsn fireworks again!!!!

  171. Donna Sorenson

    An amazing night out!!!

  172. C Esau

    I love fireworks to music.

  173. Gloria

    Cant wait to watch this year!!

  174. Heidi

    I’d love to have a spot out of the crowds.

  175. Michelle Albas

    Pick me! Sounds fantastic. Love the fireworks

  176. Yann

    Pick me!!!!

  177. Judy

    Sounds fun!

  178. Manija

    Wooop wooop

  179. Lakota gujral

    So excited.
    Best way to celebrate moms 65th birthday ♥️?

  180. Elizabeth

    One of the best family moments watching the fireworks over English Bay :) looking forward to getting the best seats ?

  181. Herman

    Go Canada Go! The most spectacular event every year! YVR Deck would be wonderful!

  182. celia

    Yay fireworks!

  183. Buns 2 Babes

    Enjoy the Beauty Vancouver has to offer, my last visit was 2015, and would Love to return, for a wonderful event like this :)

  184. Edmond Lam


  185. Mariana Medeiros

    Soooo excited for another Honda Celebration of Lights ?? Last year was my first and didn’t lost one night! Will be there for sure

  186. w


  187. Angela

    Yeah! I get to win these sweet tickets! Thanks!

  188. Pia

    Always up for a good fireworks show!

  189. Vincent Weda

    Would love to take my Wife! She’s never been :)

  190. Amie

    I am going to be in town this year, YAY!!

  191. Seiko Nakano

    My dream to watch my country, Japan, to do the amazing fireworks!!!
    I haven’t watched the fireworks for a long time due to having 2 young children… They go to bed BEFORE it has even started?
    But this year, they are old enough to be able to be awake… So, I LOVE to take my kids and my hubby for this!
    A Firework festival in Japan is one of the best, most beatiful culture to experience in Japan… I just love it… Feel like I’m at home in this beautiful Vancouver????

  192. Sandy

    Perfect summer evening !

  193. Dani

    Would absolutely love to be part of the festival.

  194. Amy

    I’m sure that the fireworks this year will be great as always!

  195. April Davidson

    Family coming fromOntario and would love to share the beauty of this with grandkids! We have gone many times but never got near to the fireworks! Fingers crossed

  196. Miho

    I can’t wait to watch the fireworks !!
    It will be awesome for my 9 months old son:)

  197. Cynthia

    It’s our first time to visit Vancouver, and my kids will surely enjoy the fireworks!!!!

  198. Janet

    Would love to see the Festival of Lights up close !

  199. Vasuhi

    Looking forward to a magnificent display! Thank you Honda Celebration of Light!

  200. I’ve lived in this city almost my WHOLE life and I have never, ever been to the Celebration of Lights. – I’d LOVE to see it but… I think the idea of the crowds deters me and my daughter from heading downtown to enjoy it.

  201. Alan

    This is like the one exciting thing in summer for busy office worker like me. Can’t wait!

  202. Lisa

    Best night activity to enjoy in summer!!

  203. Lilya

    Pick me !!

  204. Jeri

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  205. Rachel

    Love the fireworks and I make sure not to miss them every summer. Would love to see them close up for a very special experience. Thank you

  206. jan

    How terrific would this be to see the fireworks?

  207. ma

    I would love to see the fireworks, especially Canada’s. Count me in.

  208. Silvia

    Love Vancouver and the fireworks!

  209. Nancy Herring

    This is our family’s first summer here (just moved here) and this event sounds spectacular!!!

  210. Gordon

    love to attend. Wish me luck!

  211. Baljit

    So excited to see the fireworks!!

  212. Eric

    Come on law of attraction…Time to “light” up my life!

  213. Elizabeth Bryan

    I would love to win these tickets…I’ve never been to the Fireworks!

  214. Michael B

    We’ve never had the chance to go to the fireworks…this would be fantastic to win!

  215. Cairek

    Making the trek up from Portland, Oregon – – can’t wait for this weekend! Trip has been years in the making.

  216. Sonia

    My boyfriend and I love watching the Celebration of Lights together and this would be so amazing to win!

  217. Joan

    Being I’m originally from Liverpool UK, now living in Canada. It would be an honour to see this years Fireworks. ????????

  218. Sherry

    I would love to win tickets to the fireworks ?

  219. Fin

    Would be a wonderful treat :)

  220. Michael Tourond

    Originally from BC, I grew up watching Fireworks competitions in English Bay – best shows ever. Now in Ottawa, with my daughter who has never been to Vancouver, we would love the opportunity to catch the Honda Celebration of Light up close and personal while out west visiting the folks.

  221. Lee

    My horoscope says I’m supposed to have good luck today…maybe it will be winning tix to Festival of Lights ???

  222. Stephanie

    I am thinking this would be a great year to try the reserved seating. An awesome bonus if I can win tickets to try it! Always love the Celebration of Light!

  223. Ayako

    It’s gonna be first time to see celebration of light this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

  224. Maria

    Love summer and fireworks! Excited and can’t wait to see the teams!!

  225. John

    Hey, thats pretty good.