Filming in Vancouver: Skyscraper, The Exorcist, Siren, The Crossing, and more

Alfonso Herrera stars in The Exorcist.

While numerous screen productions, particularly TV series, will be continuing throughout the winter season, a number of productions will be calling it a wrap up this month.

Here’s a rundown of what projects will be finishing up filming this month, taking their stars with them—but fear not, for there are more projects on the way as well.

Dwayne Johnson

One of the biggest Hollywood productions that came to Vancouver this year was Skyscraper.

The action blockbuster stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will wrap up on November 17, after having started back on August 14.

In the film, Johnson plays a skyscraper security expert who is framed for a fire in the world’s tallest building—and he has to save his family, who is trapped inside it.

The cast includes Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Pablo Schreiber, Byron Mann, Roland Møller, Hannah Quinlivan, and Noah Taylor.

Luckily for fans, there’s not too long of a wait to see the final product: the film will be released on July 13 next year.

The Exorcist

Meanwhile on the home screen side of things, several TV series will be finishing up production on their latest seasons, allowing their casts and crews to break before the holiday season sets in.

Next week, The Exorcist will complete production on its second season on November 14. The series relocated from Chicago to Vancouver this year and started filming back on July 24.

John Cho

Season 2 premiered on September 29. The horror drama anthology is a sequel to the 1973 film of the same name.

The cast includes Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, and Geena Davis. In Season 2, new cast members include John Cho, Brianna Hildebrand, Zuleikha Robinson, and Li Jun Li.


The fantasy drama Siren will also conclude its first season on November 22. It started back on August 2.

Scheduled for a March 29 premiere, the series depicts what happens when a mysterious girl appears in a smalltown, leading to a war over the oceans between humans and creatures that were thought to be mythical.

The cast includes Eline Powell, Alex Roe, Ian Verdun, Rena Owen, Ron Yuan, and Chad Rook.

Steve Zahn

Also concluding its first season will be The Crossing, which will wrap up production on its inaugural season (which it started on July 25) on November 24.

The sci-fi series puts a spin on the idea of refugees: a small American town is in for a surprise when they discover that the war-wracked country that incoming refugees are fleeing from is their own country—but in the future.

The series stars Steve Zahn, Natalie Martinez, Sandrine Holt, Rick Gomez, and Jay Karnes.


The military drama Six will finish up production on its second season on November 24, having started on July 17. Like The Exorcist, this TV series also relocated to Vancouver from the U.S.: in this case, it was from North Carolina.

The cast includes Barry Sloane, Jyle Schmid, Juan Pablo Raba, Edwin Hodge, Brianne Davis, and Nadine Velazquez.

New cast members in Season 2 include Eric Ladin and Olivia Munn.

Although all those projects are finishing up, that’s not to say there aren’t numerous other productions continuing on. And there’s more coming to town.

Boyd Holbrook

Projects that will be starting up will include director Juan Cabral’s feature drama Two/One

from November 15 to December 3. Shooting in Metro Vancouver and Shanghai, the film follows the lives of two disparate men—one, a world-class skier in Whistler and the other a Shanghai businessman—who seem to have some sort of unusual psychic connection to each other.

The film will star Boyd Holbrook, who recently shot The Predator here earlier this year as well.

Deadly Class

The TV pilot for Deadly Class, an adaptation of the graphic novel in which a teen is recruited by a high school for assassins, will shoot from November 15 to December 5. The cast hasn’t been announced yet.

That’s all for this week but we’ll discuss these productions in further detail as they leave or come into town. Because that’s the nature of Vancouver’s screen scene: ever-changing, constantly on the go, and sometimes unpredictable.

Stay tuned, true believers.

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