Eight Vancouver Locations You Can Visit From K-Pop’s “Likey” Video

K-Pop fans around the world are going crazy for the new single “Likey” from Korean girl group TWICE. Less than a week after being posted, the video for “Likey” has racked up more than 50 million views on YouTube.

But here’s something that most fans don’t know: The music video for “Likey” was filmed entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

The nine singers traveled to Vancouver in September 2017 to film the video. According to an executive from the group’s production company, Vancouver was selected because of its combination of beautiful nature and hip city elements.

TWICE superfans can pose for selfies at these nine Vancouver locations that appear in the music video.

Maple Tree Square

Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood makes a number of appearances in the video including the final big dance routine at the 3:20 mark. In the screen grab below you can see Gastown’s famous Hotel Europe directly behind the group. The Hotel Europe is a “flatiron” style building that has been used as a filming location for Hollywood movies including Brad Pitt’s Legends of the Fall and The Changeling.

Stanley Park’s Hallelujah Point

Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park is a recurring character in the video. All of the shots take place in the vicinity of Hallelujah Point—a location on the south-east side of the park that features an incredible view of the city. Stanley Park is a popular location for cycling and walking. The 1,000 acre park is also home to the Vancouver Aquarium, First Nations Totem Poles, swimming beaches, and a number of restaurants.

Angel Hand-Painted Fashions (2 Powell Street, Gastown)

At 2:02, lead singer Jeongyeon is seen looking into the window of a Vancouver clothing establishment. Angel Hand-Painted Fashions has been in business in Vancouver for 39 years. Store owner Jackie Haliburton wrote on her blog about how the camera crew filmed both inside and outside her store while Jeongyeon sang “There are so many pretty things to wear.”

Alley-Oop (450 Granville Street, downtown Vancouver)

Some of the peppiest parts of the video are when the group is singing and dancing in a brightly painted pink and yellow alley (2:21, 3:12), known by locals as “Alley-Oop.” This laneway in downtown Vancouver was re-imagined as a colourful and vibrant urban park in the fall of 2016, and the road and walls were splashed with colour and decorated with basketball hoops. This colourful laneway is now a place where people come to mingle and play, and it’s quickly becoming a destination for selfie-taking K-Pop fans, too!”

Gastown Steamclock

At 2:44, one of Vancouver’s most famous landmarks – the Gastown Steam Clock – can be spotted in the background of the shot. The clock was built in 1978 and since then the 5metre (17 foot) tall Gastown Steam Clock plays the Westminster chimes on four whistles every hour, sending steam shooting out of the top just like a locomotive.

Sky Train

The rapping portion of “Likey” starts with the group on the Vancouver SkyTrain. The SkyTrain is Vancouver’s equivalent of the New York City Subway or the Paris Métro, earning its name from the many sections the train travels above ground. The SkyTrain is one of the most popular ways to get around Vancouver, including to and from the airport.

White Rock Pier

Located about an hour’s drive from Vancouver, the White Rock Pier stretches 470 metres (1,542 feet) into the ocean making it an ideal spot for selfies against a backdrop of water, islands, fisherman, and boats. In the music video, the White Rock Pier is seen a night. Above the singer’s head is a sign that normally reads, “White Rock, BC, Canada” but has been altered to read “Heart Twicetagram Shaker” (Twicetagram is TWICE’s Instagram handle with more than 3 million followers).

Sunset Beach Roller Hockey Rink

Early on in the video, the all-girl group is seen clowning around at the Sunset Beach roller hockey rink with views of the ocean and Granville Island behind them. In the summer, Sunset Beach is a prime spot for sun tanning, sports, picnics, swimming, and people watching.

There you have it! Eight great spots from TWICE’s new video that you can visit in Vancouver. We hope you “likey-d” our tour.

Check out this map to see these locations (and more) plotted out:

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