Ticket Giveaway: Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Gardens!

VanDusen Botanical Gardens dazzles during Festival of Lights.

Contest alert! It’s day five of The 12 Productions of Christmas. Enter for your chance to win today’s prize!

The production  Based on John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as a couple who decide, with their daughter away, to forego Christmas celebrations for a hot-weather holiday – that is, until she plans a last-minute surprise trip home. The comedy features a scene showing the familiar background of downtown Vancouver’s Pacific Centre.

The attraction  The Kranks had to scramble to host a last-minute, show-stopping Christmas, but VanDusen Botanical Gardens staff have spent months planning the annual Festival of Lights (December 1 to January 7). The result: a twinkling holiday postcard come to life, complete with more than one million lights, themed displays, a dancing light show on the lake, stories with Santa, a candle grotto, savoury treats and more.

Post a comment below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of admission tickets to VanDusen Botanical Gardens’ Festival of Lights.

*The winner will be chosen in the next three days, and will be contacted via email.

UPDATE:  Thank you, everyone, for entering the contest. The winner is Magdalena – congratulations! Remember to check back weekday mornings for more holiday productions filmed in Vancouver + ticket giveaways to local holiday attractions!

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284 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Gardens!

  1. Christie M

    I love the Festival of Lights at Van Dusens!

    • Lillyfang

      I would like to enjoy this !

    • Leanne

      We have been away for the last two Decembers. Being that we are home this December, we are trying to do every Christmas event in Metro Vancouver. Festival of Lights at Vandusen Gardens is on the list. It would be a great Christmas gift to win tickets!

    • Liam

      I love the festival of lights at Van Dusen!

    • Seungwook Kim

      Merry christmas~^^
      VanDusen is the best~!
      I’ll go there with my twins~
      Happy holiday~ Happy VanDusen~

    • Sharon Sharp

      To walk with a small child through these lights and hear their ahhs when they see the beauty of them-what better way to spend an evening! Thank you

  2. Emilie

    I love this event!

  3. Tracey Flattes

    Thanks for the chance – love VanDusen at Christmas!

  4. Ruhi

    Beautiful flora with million lights..heaven on earth. I will surely like to live the dream for one evening.

  5. Zain

    Would love to go with my mom!

  6. One of my favourite events! It’s so magical to be there 😍😍 love it! Can’t wait! ✨✨

  7. Jessica

    I would love to go! Sounds like it would be magical!

  8. Angela B

    Would love this!

  9. Julie

    I just love VanDusen Festival of Lights! It’s so magical… I feel like a 5 years old all over again!

  10. Kay

    Great tradition!

  11. Maria

    Gorgeous! I want to win this & the bridge one & come up for a photography weekend!! Pretty please

  12. Johnny P.

    I want to win!

  13. Prachi

    Would love to visit the Festival of Lights with the family this year.

  14. Kimberley

    I am going when in VanCity, would love a ticket.

  15. Jamie Morse

    I’m going this Saturday for the first time! 💕

  16. Eric Hunken

    love the Festival of Lights at Van Dusens

  17. Diane T

    Love the festival of lights!

  18. Tim Hofmann

    A great way to celebrate the Christmas season!

  19. Michelle

    The Van Dusen Gardens lights display is probably my favourite light show out of all the holiday ones in Vancouver!

  20. Marianne

    I would love to go, I have never gone before!!

  21. Jen

    I’d love to go with my family!

  22. Suvi

    Never been, would love to see this!

  23. Lester C

    Love VanDusen

  24. Lights make me happy :)

  25. Miriam

    One of the attraction I have not seen for several years love to come back

  26. chloe fuchs

    I love this place

  27. Jennifer T

    Love it!

  28. Candy

    Would love to go see the lights at this park…

  29. Adelina

    Would love to go check it out!

  30. Allison

    Would love to take my kids! Thanks!

  31. liz flanders


    this look so amazing. would love to win tickets.

    thanks for the chance


  32. tatiana

    This would be so amazingly beautiful to see!

  33. Irina Laude

    We were at the Festival of Lights last year and it is still my mom’s and son’s favourite holiday memory. Would love to do it again!

  34. Steve

    Huge fan of Van Dusen (at all times of the year). It has been a while since we’ve gone at Christmas but would love to drag the extended in-laws along (but not have to pay for ourselves!).

  35. Laura

    Twinkly lights, sigh. Please enter me!

  36. Christophe

    Me me me!

  37. Jan

    Would love to win this!

  38. Jamilla

    Thanks for the chance!

  39. Andras

    This would make an excellent holiday memory!

  40. Paula

    Would love this please 🤞🏽

  41. Bex

    I ❤ Vandusen Garden and want to bring my family and friends!

  42. jan

    a wonderful display i bet

  43. Amandahsu

    Went with my family, parents, brother’s family who is from SF. It was unforgettable. Would like to plan the visit again!

  44. Michaela

    This is at the top of my list this year! :)

  45. I would love to see the lights as I have never been before.

  46. Looks amazing!

  47. Susan

    what a lovely place to visit

  48. Marni Sutherland

    Ooohhhh I so want to check this out, i’d taking my aging parents for sure 💛🎄🎄💛

  49. Elaine

    Love Van Dussen, we go every year and always look forward to seeing what the new theme is. It’s beautiful.

  50. Would love to win this prize

  51. Erica

    So many lights – looks fabulous!

  52. Annette

    I can’t think of a more beautiful setting. I’d love to come and wander through and get in the spirit!

  53. Avril

    I would love to see the lights at Van Dusen

  54. Susannah

    This looks so magical – what a great Christmas experience!

  55. Melissa

    Ooh I would love to go ☃️🎅🏼🎄🍁🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 pick me 🙋🙋🙋🙋💃

  56. Laurel

    I love VanDusen’s Christmas display

  57. Mika

    We want to take our kids to see the lights for the first time :)

  58. Jenn

    Looks magical!

  59. Mondee Redman

    Last week a friend and I were talking about the gardens. It is a wonderful place to visit and especially magical at Christmas.

  60. Erin

    I’ve never been to any of the Van Dusen light shows, but I’ve always always wanted to go. I would love the opportunity to see this (Christmas just also happens to be my favorite holdiay, lol)

  61. Adam

    Always wanted to check this out!

  62. Wendy

    Looks to be a fun night out!

  63. Kirsten

    I would love to go to the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Garden!!

  64. Mary Anne

    I would love to win this, I have family in town and would love to take them.

  65. Pam

    Would love to go. I hear it is just beautiful.

  66. Fraser

    What a fabulous way to spend a couple of hours!

  67. Hr

    Went a few years back, looking to go back again this year.

  68. Debbie

    Looking forward to visit Vandusen Botanical Garden this holiday season for the very first time!

  69. Hannah kang

    I loved the last year’s festival of light. Would love to see it again!!! Thank you very much in advance.

  70. Walking in a glittering winter wonderland!

  71. Beth

    We would love to see this event. Thank you for the opportunity.

  72. mei

    Adore those flowers in summer and millions of lights during winter!

  73. Andrew

    Would love to take my wife to this!

  74. marissa

    definitely want to check this out

  75. Dianne Lasanen

    This would be a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit.

  76. Tara

    Would love to go!

  77. linda

    LOVE to go to VanDusen this year

  78. Oree Gianacopoulos

    The annual Festival of Light at Vandussen, for me, marks the official start of the holiday season. Hoping to see it before the snow flies! Although, there is a different charm to a winter wonderland.

  79. Rob

    Would love to take my wife here.

  80. Shobhna

    Never been to VanDussen Festival of Lights. Would love to see it

  81. Marilyn ing

    Christmas is magical and the lights at Van Dussen Gardens make it even mor magical.

  82. Emmy

    I have never been and I hear it’s spectacular! Thanks for the chance to experience this.

  83. Beata Newall

    My family comes here every year ! It’s gorgeous!

  84. Diane

    I wasn’t able to go last year so this would definitely be a thrill!

  85. Bonnie Bowen

    It’s a family tradition of ours. We love Van Dousen Gardens.

  86. Cynthia

    I would love to go!

  87. Bonnie Bowen

    It’s a family tradition of ours. We love Van Dussen Gardens.

  88. Maryanne

    We would love to go!

  89. Van Dusen Gardens is a personal favorite of mine! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Happy 😃 Holidays to all!

  90. Angela

    L.O.V.E. The Festival of Lights at beautiful Van Dusen! Absolutely spectacular! Would love to go again this year!

  91. Yvonne Reimer

    Would love to win and give to my nephew and his family, who live in the Lower Mainland.

  92. Salma Amlani

    Never been would love to go.

  93. Jorge

    We definitely want to check this out!

  94. Christian

    YAS VanDusen YAS

  95. Iz

    It’s my first winter in Vancouver since moving here a few months back, and tickets to the Van Dusen Festival of Lights would make it just magical ✨✨

  96. Karen

    Haven’t been their before. Would like to visit this year! 🙏

  97. Maggie

    Would love to be there! 🧚🏻‍♂️

  98. Pier

    May the odds be ever in your favour!

  99. Krista R

    Would love to take our kids!

  100. Khatoon Nanji

    So Festive!!

  101. Jackie Cross

    I would love to go!!

  102. Tricia

    I would love to go!

  103. Marilyn M

    Would love to take the family to this beautiful winter wonderlad

  104. Kirsten Dovey

    This is the top thing on my Christmas events list!

  105. Cris Fisher

    Love the Festival of Lights! Would love to win tickets!

  106. Cris Fisher

    Love the Festival of Lights! Would love to win tickets!

  107. Ric

    Light up the night with good cheer!

  108. Lisa S

    I LOVE the Festival of Lights at vanDusen! The ultimate xmas experience! I’ve been there every year for the last 4 years, but now a student again and tickets are not in the budget this year :/ .
    To win them would be fantastic!

  109. Li Leng

    Love the lights in the garden!

  110. Nicole

    Just returned to Canada after many years away. Would so love to see the lights.

  111. Praveena

    Would love to see this

  112. Deb

    From Ontario going to be in Vancouver for Christmas would love ❤️ to check out this light display!

  113. Trista

    I’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t had the chance to yet! Hopefully this year!

  114. Meghan

    Would love to see this! Christmas lights are one of my favorite things about Christmas!!

  115. Olivia

    It’s always a lovely and beautiful place to go with friends and family, amazing and stunning Christmas lights!! Enjoy the Holiday spirit there 💕💗

  116. Sean

    Would love to take my new fiancé! Neither of us have been before and it looks magical!

  117. I would love to tak my girlfriend to this on date! Fingers crossed :)

  118. Jessica

    Wow! What a great prize. Van Dusen is definitely on my Christmas bucket list.

  119. Bonnie Hamilton

    It seems to get more beautiful every year and is a wonderful way to get in the Christmas spirit. Would love to win some tickets!

  120. Linda

    Would love to share this festival with my husband who has never been!

  121. Rick

    What a great event for the family!

  122. Chloe

    I would love to win tickets to Vandusen Garden and enjoy this magical event with close family and friends.

  123. Jenn

    I would love to visit the Festival of Lights with my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary!

  124. Isolina Zazzara-Yu

    It’s been a yearly tradition for us and one of the most anticipated Christmas activities!

  125. Carol

    Van Dusen’s Christmas lights look amazing and I would love to take my daughter to see them in person.

  126. Maria Bailon


  127. Tatiana

    We love VanDusen Botanical Garden!

  128. Seán


  129. Jean

    It would be a great way to spend my first Christmas in Canada to see the VanDusen Festival of Lights.

  130. Daniel Avram


  131. Daniel


  132. Lisa Gottloeber

    Love to go with my family!

  133. Aime

    would love to go to this event!

  134. Sarah Maljaars

    Pick me!

  135. sam

    id love to go!

  136. Ali

    I love vandusen

  137. Alana

    It’s always so magical at VanDusen this time of year. Would love to win tickets!

  138. Adriana

    Would be amazing get a chance to see the Vandusen lights!

  139. Lavinia

    My family and I would be really happy to visit the gardens and would appreciate the free tickets! 😀

  140. Ming K

    Hope to win this and go with my family

  141. Carol

    Have never seen this and would love to win tickets to finally see this beautiful, display of lights at VanDusen.

  142. Amy

    Would love to go!! My daughter would enjoy this

  143. Vanesa

    Looks fun!

  144. Robyn

    I haven’t been since I was a kid and would love to go this year!

  145. Angela

    I’d love to walk in between these festive lights at VanDusen Garden with loved ones 😊

  146. Shelley

    I would appreciate adding some twinkle to my December by winning a pair of admission tickets to VanDusen Botanical Gardens’ Festival of Lights <3

  147. Lindy

    I would love to see this with my children 😍

  148. Kathryn

    Such a special place. It has been 10 years since we were last there. I would love to take my mum and the rest of my family back there for some Christmas Magic.

  149. Anna

    Would love to see VanDusen magic again

  150. John Rogelio

    Best lights ever!

  151. Bernadette Roman

    I would love to experience this! 😍

  152. Jen L.

    Just moved to Vancouver. Never been. Would love to take my sister or BFF!

  153. Des

    Lights!!!!!! I love Christmas! Wooooooooooo

  154. Brynt

    I’d love to take my family to check out this beautiful display of lights! Looks amazing.

  155. Melissa

    I’ve never been to the VanDusen lights, I’d love to go!

  156. William

    How great! I work at a non-profit organization, and we already have planned to bring a bunch of youth to VanDusen.

  157. Im new to Vancouver and I can’t wait to check out the festival of light at Vandusen Botanical Gardens!!
    Vives le temps des fêtes :))🎉🎉

  158. Jeri

    I love to check out the lights at VanDusen

  159. Marissa

    Love van dusen lights!

  160. Nicole

    I swas talking about the festival with my friend and how it looks amazing! We want to go !!! Pleeease :)

  161. Emi

    My family is coming to Vancouver for the first time this Christmas. I’d love to take them to The Vandusen!!! 😊

  162. Fede

    I went there last year with my wife and we’d love to visit this amazing place again!

  163. Sarah moores

    Would love to go!

  164. Barbara Stokes

    Me please!

  165. Elaine

    best season of the year
    love christmas light fest :)

  166. Brice

    I would love to come here it’s my girlfriend

  167. Lolo

    Magical 😍

  168. Lanie

    Been here with my cousin last year! Love to go again.

  169. FT

    The festival of lights is great! Would love to win this

  170. Lisa Keefe

    I would love to see this with my Mom while she is here.

  171. Linda

    I love VanDusen Gardens and the Festival of Lights.

  172. Greg

    would love to go!

  173. andy

    i’d take my camera and tripod

  174. Kennedy K Garcia

    Going to Van Dusen’s Festival of Lights this year will be my girlfriend and I’s one year anniversary! ☺️

  175. mel

    same ^ 😊❤️

  176. Samuel Rodriguez

    Great place for everyone! My kids love it here and so do my parents. We try and go every year for all the festivals! Thanks again!

  177. Karm Dial

    I would love this

  178. Marinette

    Would love to win this!

  179. Jenny Cashmore

    Some of my best Christmas memories are from Van Dusen… Especially the reflections of the lights on snow.

  180. Carla

    It is on my list this year to take my bf as he’s never been.

  181. Anh Kieu

    Vancouver for Xmas 2017 and NY 2018! So excited to visit this city!

  182. Samantha Wong

    Would love to take the kids there! It would be our first time !

  183. Benedicta Sangalang

    I would love to experience Festival of Lights @ Vandussen with my family!

  184. Tara

    Would love to take my sister to this!

  185. Lynn carpenter

    We would love to see the lights this year :)

  186. Jody

    Sounds magical!

  187. Elise

    I would love to go and see this light show! This is my first time in Canada and I’m trying to experience as much of the Vancouver Christmas as possible!

  188. Cheryl

    This sounds like a really fun event, I’d love to go!

  189. Ariel C

    would love to go!

  190. adam s

    what a great event!

  191. Annie Y

    I am new to Vancouver and I would like love to go! :)

  192. Jeff

    Lights are great!

  193. Anaelle

    I just arrived in Vancouver and I would love to go there!

  194. Christina Pearce

    Going to see the Van Dusen lights is one of my favourite Christmas activities in Vancouver!

  195. Paige Strand

    This looks so magical!

  196. Bonnie Bowen

    It’s a family affair! Yes please 💝

  197. Tracy k

    Would love to go!

  198. Anilla


  199. Anilla


  200. Zahra

    Please pick me!

  201. Grace

    Last time I went there it was for my cousin’s engagement / wedding proposal. This time I wanna enjoy it! Pick me please!

  202. Kseniia

    Every year they do a great job and turn this garden into a beautiful fairytail!
    Happy holiday season, everyone 🎄😊

  203. Carol

    For my 2 year old grandchildren, every thing to do with Christmas is magical. Win or not , we will be going to Van Dusen Gardens .

  204. Jenny

    I would love to win these tickets, thanks for the opportunity.

  205. albert

    I’d love to see the lights!

  206. Riana Ang-Canning

    Looks magical! Would love to win this!

  207. Cecilia

    Would be nice to go there! :)

  208. Shannon Gona

    I didn’t get a chance to go last year – would LOVE to go this year!!

  209. Kelly Kerr

    It’s my first ‘white’ Christmas ever and I would love to see the VanDusen lights!!

  210. LaVerne Victor

    Wow would love to see this … good luck to me and everyone :)

  211. Jessica Smith

    Never been to Van dusen before, would love to win these! 🎄

  212. Gurjit

    Would love to experience this!!

  213. Gurjit

    Would love this experience!!

  214. This would be a blast!

  215. Klara

    Please oh please!

  216. Courtenay Oyhenart

    I would love to start a new tradition seeing this with my kids!

  217. Charles

    Let there be lights!

  218. Ronald

    Love to go here! Would love to check it out!

  219. Neha

    I would like to go!

  220. Aura

    Beautiful event

  221. Michelle

    I’ve never been to VanDusen, and would love to go see their Christmas lights!

  222. eileen

    I’d love to take my mom!

  223. Phil

    Pick me I wanna see Christmas lights

  224. Hanka B.

    May the odds be ever in my favour :-)

  225. sue

    I love going to Van Dusen every year. Its not Christmas until we see the lights.

  226. Fran Gardiner

    I have only been once to this fairytale land but it is still imprinted on my brain and will be forever. Simply stunning!!!!

  227. Anna

    I have visited this once below about 5 years ago with my boyfriend. I’ll love to go back again now with my husband!

  228. Olivia Brauner

    Would love to go there 😍

  229. Hannah Ip

    Excited to go for my birthday 😍😍

  230. Kat

    I would love to go here! My mom would love this as well. ❤️

  231. Louisa

    Had a blast few years ago and would love to go again!! ❤️

  232. Kate

    Have never been able to go, and ut would be a huge thrill to share VanDusen Garden’s Festival of Lights with my family!

  233. Kennedy Garcia

    Going to this year’s Van Dusen Festival of Lights will be my girlfriend and I’s one year anniversairy!

  234. Mike


  235. Mellissa

    I would love to go to Van Dusen for the lights this year! I haven’t been in years!

  236. Alexandra

    Pick me!

  237. Marcia Flamand

    What a fantastic family event to kick off the season

  238. Tania

    I love the Festival of Lights at Van Dusens!

  239. Rino

    I’d love to go with my family!

  240. Sophie

    How much do I like Christmas…my 7′ tall Xmas tree was up on Nov 15…we go to Van Dusen every year, long line-ups are the down side of it…I wish for a snow and two tickets for Van Dusen…tnx

  241. I like free tickets…

  242. Steven S

    Looks neat

  243. Steven S

    Would love to go

  244. Flo

    🎅⛄🎄Christmas at VanDusen Garden will be wonderful!

  245. Flo

    🎅⛄🎄Christmas at VanDusen Garden will be wonderful!

  246. Flo

    🎅⛄🎄Christmas at VanDusen Garden will be magical!

  247. George

    Beautiful Christmas at VanDusen Garden! 🎅⛄🎄❄🎄

  248. Taryn

    This looks beautiful!

  249. Courtney M

    Haven’t been in a couple years, this would be so much fun!

  250. Jake

    This would be so awesome

  251. Mary

    My parents are coming to visit, would be nice to give them this lovely experience as a gift. I’m looking forward to see this magical event!!!

  252. Jen

    A dream would come true!!

  253. Stephanie Seto

    Always have a marvellous time at Van Dusen Gardens! Looking forward to seeing it again this year!

  254. Dorota

    Van Dusen Gardens is beautiful at this time of year. :)

  255. Gwen Langdon

    Haven’t been to this for several years. It’s always a wonderful walking through Van Dusen Gardens, but especially at Christmas

  256. Lee-Ann

    I’ve nevet been. Would love to attend!

  257. Yinuo

    Looking forward to my visit to Vancouver!

  258. Adele

    Can’t wait to go!

  259. Chris

    The lights are an annual family tradition!

  260. Cherise Thompson

    My family would love this! Thank you

  261. Sean

    Yes please! Never been.. looks awesome.

  262. Humaira

    I’d love to see this!

  263. Humaira

    I’d love to be a part of this!

  264. Shirley

    I would like to see this.

  265. Mag

    Thanks for the contest.

  266. yuko g.t

    I have been to the Vancouver Duden Gardens light fes three years ago and it was such pretty experience. We walked around for a few hours peacefully in the fresh air with all the lights in the dark gardens.
    It is a beautiful event in the city of Vancouver!

  267. Wally

    Please pick me!

  268. Gayle

    Would love to take my family! 🎄

  269. marie

    Festival of lights is a magical place

  270. Anna Jung

    It’ll be great to have a year end celebration with family members coming from far away under the Lights of Van Duden!!

  271. Sandra Babcock

    All 3 of our kids are coming home this year with their partners and our new 9 month old granddaughter and the Beautiful Christmas lights would showcase our Christmas together🎄

  272. Light up our lives.

  273. Marilyn

    I would like to take my kids for this festival of lights

  274. Emily C.

    I would love to experience this with my husband!

  275. Drasti Patel

    As a new international student in Canada,,, I would love to visit the Vandusen Botanical Gardens.

  276. Jammy Smith

    I love Vandusen Garden and always want to take my family to the festival of lights.

  277. Robinson Cartwright

    Looks magical!

  278. Kate

    I love the Festival of Lights at Van Dusens!
    I wish to win it and go with my son.

  279. h

    I would love to see the FOL!