Ticket Giveaway: Christmas Classics Market Tour with Vancouver Foodie Tours!

Cheers to delicious holiday donuts on the Christmas Classics Market Tour.

Contest alert! It’s day eight of The 12 Productions of Christmas. Enter to win today’s prize!

The production  One of the coziest parts of Christmas is curling up in front of a roaring fire with a hot beverage and a Christmas TV movie. Just in Time for Christmas tells the tale of a young psychology professor who must make a difficult choice – and on a spooky night in December, she receives assistance from a corporeal stranger who shows her what her life could be like three years in the future. The movie filmed in Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster, transforming each into scenes out of small-town America.

The attraction  It wouldn’t be Christmas without seasonal treats, and the best place to indulge in holiday deliciousness is local culinary haven Granville Island. Vancouver Foodie Tours is hosting a special Christmas Classics Market Tour (December 15 to 30) that leads food lovers throughout the island with opportunities to taste plenty of holiday goodness (think gingerbread donuts, cranberry bread and spiced chai lattes) along the way.

Post a comment below and you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of tickets to Vancouver Foodie Tours’ Christmas Classics Market Tour.

*The winner will be chosen in the next three days, and will be contacted via email.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Andrea, who won this prize! Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win our final prize: tickets to Holiday Traditions Start at Vancouver Aquarium!

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81 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: Christmas Classics Market Tour with Vancouver Foodie Tours!

  1. Tatiana

    Love indulging at Christmas time

  2. Leanne

    Sugar & Spice and everything nice, that’s what Christmas Wishes are made of!

  3. Kay

    Wow what a treat!

  4. Marilyn M

    This sounds awesome! Love Christmas goodies!

  5. Giordana

    Thanks for the opportunity, guys!

  6. Linda

    Would love to endulge in these goodies

  7. Julie

    Sounds like an awesome day! Would love to share that with family at Christmas time! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Andras

    Mmmm…gingerbread donuts!

  9. ALI


  10. Elizabeth B

    My daughter and I would love to try this…thanks for the chance!

  11. kelsey

    this would be great!

  12. Olivia

    Love to go, so holiday ???

  13. Lillian

    My daughter and I are foodies. We try many different restaurants and follow food trucks everywhere in the Lower Mainland! It would be such a great Christmas gift for us to win this Christmas Classics Market Tour!

  14. Emi

    Yay!! ????

  15. Michelle W

    I would love this!

  16. Jamilla

    That sounds so lovely!

  17. Bonnie Bowen

    I would love to win this Christmas giveaway.

  18. Sara Lima

    Oh, this sounds like such a treat! I love Christmas activities, because my fiance is MR. Christmas. he loves doing everything, all the time, if it’s Christmassy. One of our fave things is to make spice hot choco, and check out Christmas lights, or even go for a walk in the evening. It’s so nice, and this prize would be just the best! :D

  19. Jeff S

    This sounds delicious!

  20. Cheryl G

    I’d love to sample the Christmas treats on this Market tour!

  21. Johnny P.

    I want to win!

  22. Ming K

    Hope to win this & get to feast!

  23. Karm Dial

    Wow sounds really fun!

  24. Sally K

    I love visiting the Christmas markets, especially when it’s crisp and sunny like it is this week!

  25. Julie

    My partner and I will be travelling to Vancouver for the first time and spending Christmas there! We are travelling on a small budget and would love to experience some more things that are outside our price allocations!

  26. Steven S

    Looks yummy

  27. mei

    i’d love it!

  28. KIM PIKE

    Gingerbread donuts sound fantastic!!

  29. Dana

    Would love this :)

  30. Andrea D

    Oh my goodness this sounds like heaven to me!! Granville Island is one of my favourite places here so I would love the opportunity to taste all of the holiday treats in the market & on the rest of the island. Happy Holidays ?❤️?

  31. Shelley Butcher

    I love Granville Island market and I love Christmas and I love food and I love trying new things! I would love to win this prize! ?

  32. tlangley

    yummy … would love to go

  33. Steve

    Someone has to fatten up this turkey!

  34. Laura

    Sign me up!

  35. Nancy Herring

    Sounds like it’s time to get out the elastic-waist pants!

  36. Nancy Herring

    What a fabulous way to explore the city’s offerings, for our first holiday season here in Vancouver!

  37. Daniel Leung

    Awesome thanks for the chance

  38. debbie s

    Yummy! Love the holiday season!

  39. Dan S

    Love the atmosphere in Granville Island

  40. Mieke

    I haven’t been in a couple of years. Time to go

  41. Elaine

    Would be great to go!!

  42. would love to go and get into the Xmas spirit.

  43. Mary D.

    Love Foodie tours especially at Christmas!

  44. Leah

    would love to try a foodie tour!

  45. Elaine

    Always wanted to try this!! Thanks

  46. Claire

    Sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

  47. Christian

    YAS Christmas YAS

  48. Linda

    This would be so much fun!

  49. Jen

    Sounds like so much fun! I’d love to go ?

  50. eileen

    I’ve heard about Vancouver Foodie Tours but have yet to go on one of their tours. Sounds like fun!

  51. Nicki

    Please, please pick me!

  52. Laura Conlon

    What a fantastic prize, my fiancè and I would love this tour.
    Hungrily yours?

  53. FT

    Would be great to experience this

  54. Karm Dial

    Such a yummy prize!

  55. Ric

    Run, Run as fast as you can gingerbread man!

  56. Angela

    Yes please! This sound like fun

  57. Elou

    This sounds deliciously fun!

  58. Marilyn Davidson

    Love Chritmas markets hopefully starting continued traditions

  59. Susan Leon

    I would love to take this tour.

  60. Neha

    Wonderful way to celebrate Christmas ?

  61. Gigi

    Walking in a winter wonderland. It’ll be a wonderful trek in town while checking out Granville island ?

  62. Jackie

    Doing photoshoots around the city! Love the festivities we have in our beautiful city <3

  63. Mark N

    Awesome giveaway ☺️ Merry Christmas.

  64. Cecile

    Love to go!

  65. Maryanne

    Sounds yummy!

  66. Olita

    It is becoming harder and harder to believe that miracles exist. I just want to go to the Christmas market, feel this amazing atmosphere and, who knows, maybe the miracle will happen in my life.

  67. Ann-Marie Vaughan

    This looks like a lot of fun.

  68. edmond o’brien

    i would enjoy seeing this!

  69. Justin Y

    “Justin, Time for Christmas”- what I tell myself on midnight every October 31st.

  70. Eva Choy

    I would love to enjoy this in the festive season.

  71. Tracy

    This sounds so fun!


    Always love it !


    Sounds great !

  74. YEN

    Love Christmas goodies !

  75. Meredith


  76. David

    sounds great

  77. Foodie Tours are a great time. Thanks!

  78. Jody

    Gingerbread donuts? Yes please!

  79. Anna Van

    Sound great ?

  80. Linda

    Sounds like fun

  81. Candice

    Please please please coming to Vancouver all the way from New Zealand this Christmas..this prize would be amazing ?