Ticket Giveaway: FlyOver Canada Christmas!

Ho Ho Hold on Tight for FlyOver Christmas!

Contest alert! It’s day nine of The 12 Productions of Christmas. Enter to win today’s prize!

The production  What happens when a corporate agent is sent to shut down a cookie factory and falls in love with the factory owner? She succumbs to the Christmas spirit and crosses over to the good guys, of course! Christmas Cookies is a delightful romance whose small town will be recognizable as downtown Squamish. Many of the interior shots were filmed in Vancouver.

The attraction  If all of these Christmas movies are instilling the desire to hop aboard a sleigh and head for the North Pole, then make for downtown Vancouver’s waterfront. FlyOver Canada has transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with a virtual sleigh ride across Canada toward – you guessed it – the North Pole. Along the way, you’ll fly over some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes and vistas, many of which have been featured in productions big and small.

Post a comment below and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two pairs of tickets to FlyOver Canada Christmas.

*The winner will be chosen in the next three days, and will be contacted via email.

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153 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: FlyOver Canada Christmas!

  1. Mark N

    Never been in flyover before, wr want to experience this. Merry Christmas everyone ?

  2. paul connors

    This would be awesome, have yet to go there yet.

  3. Christophe

    Me me me!

  4. Jan

    Great prize. Would love to win…

  5. Angela B

    Would be awesome!

  6. Tony

    Sounds like a fun event!

  7. Cecile

    That would be great! Would love to go.

  8. Jamilla

    Yes please!

  9. Steve

    Would be a great addition to the action packed schedule of holiday events we have going on!

  10. Laura


  11. Karm Dial

    This would be awesome, sounds like such a fun time!

  12. Maryanne

    We would love to go!

  13. linda

    I would love to take my family to this!

  14. marissa

    yes please this looks so fun!

  15. kelsey

    Would be great to win!

  16. Andrew

    We have never been and would love to go!

  17. Sarah

    Yes please!

  18. Ann-Marie Vaughan

    I would love to go.

  19. Ash

    Me please !!!!

  20. Robert

    This would be an awesome prize to win. Happy Holidays Everyone!

  21. Linda Lee

    Would love to bring my son!!!!

  22. Janice

    Love flyover Canada and would give these tickets to my in laws from England when they come in May

  23. Elizabeth

    This looks like fun. Would love to win. Merry Christmas.

  24. Allison

    Ho ho ho – my family would love to go!!!

  25. Tiffany

    Yes please!

  26. Emily kang

    I never been there
    If u give me that ticket then i will go there
    With my new friend who came from mexico
    This is his first time visit in vancouver
    And i want to give him good experience
    With flyover thanks

  27. Huong Nguyen

    My dream is coming truth. Canada here I am coming :-)

  28. Michelle

    Went a few years ago, and I would love to go again!

  29. Zain

    Would love to go!

  30. Fenna

    I’m coming over to Canada, all the way from Holland, to celebrate Christmas and NYE with my family. This would be an awesome day trip for me and my cousin!

  31. Lina

    I would like to have some fun!

  32. Ann

    Would be awesome to win tickets!

  33. Janie

    I want to win the 2 tickets! That would be a very merry Xmas for me!

  34. Nicole

    Have always wanted to see this! My 8 year old would especially love it!

  35. Cesar

    It is a wonderful experience I would love to be there. ?
    have a nice day…?

  36. Would love to go for Christmas. I haven’t been to it yet.

  37. Ming K

    Pick me, please

  38. mike gismondi

    My kids loved FlyOver Canada and would be so excited to go back

  39. angela griffin

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Gloria Hollinger

    My daughter would love this!

  41. Chi Hsi

    I would love to win tickets!

  42. annie

    This would be awesome!

  43. Christian


  44. Kay

    Great choice!

  45. Emi


  46. Mary

    What a treat! I’d love to see FlyOver Canada Christmas.

  47. Nooreen

    My kids and I would go crazy if we won!!!!

  48. Fede


  49. Alisha

    Would love to take my nephew to this!

  50. Bonnie Bowen

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  51. eileen

    I’d love to take my mom to this!

  52. Usha Tkachyk

    This would be awesome, have yet to go there

  53. Marilyn Maxwell

    I would love to go to FlyOver Canada Christmas! Merry Christmas Canada!

  54. Vanda

    Ooh, I would really like to experience this!

  55. Aime

    Would love the chance to experience this!

  56. leanne

    It would be fun to go with my family.

  57. Kate

    Thank you for the Christmas gifts! My granddaughter and I would love this! ??❤

  58. Rob Markwart

    Would love to take the Mrs on a mini flyover vacation to the North Pole and back!

  59. Candy

    Me please. Thank you.

  60. Tara

    Fun! Would love to go on a mini trip to North Pole.

  61. Jayan Chhanabhai

    I still haven’t been, this would be so cool to win!

  62. Rob

    Great Xmas fun.

  63. Suzanne

    I would love to go take my son to see Santa Fly over Canada

  64. We’ll be back in Vancouver for Christmas after one year, it will be lovely to experience FlyOver Canada!

  65. Dana

    Would love to go :)

  66. Alynne

    I would love to win free tickets!

  67. Angela Balmer

    Would love to take my kids!

  68. claire

    What a great family outing! Thanks.

  69. Barbara Stokes

    Always wanted to be a tour guide….fantastic place to start!

  70. Stephanie

    Haven’t been there yet……it sounds like fun

  71. Justin Y

    O crumbs, I’m more of a biscuit person.

  72. Ric

    Flying over a winter wonderland ❄

  73. Leah

    would love to try this

  74. Alison

    This would be great for date night!

  75. Simon Lam

    Never been and would love to go!

  76. Erica

    I would love to fly with Santa

  77. wyn

    Want to catch Flyover since reading it on a Canadian bucket list.

  78. jan

    I would love to do Flyover

  79. Donna

    I’d love be this prize.

  80. Rob H

    Fly over Canada would be a lovely gift under the Christmas tree for the kids

  81. Bev

    Would love to take my hubby who hasn’t been before and enjoy Fly Over Canada! Thanks for this chance! :)

  82. Sonya

    Yes please! Been wanting to take my grandpa ☺

  83. Mabel

    Amazing!!! I really want to try the FlyaOver Canada! I am from Brazil, for me will be a such nice experience! Thanks for the chance!!

  84. Nancy Herring

    I might have to take some Gravel first, but I’m willing to give this a go!!!! LOL!

  85. Chris C

    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to check out FlyOver Canada for the first time and also get in the Christmas spirit

  86. Elaine

    Would love to go

  87. Samantha Lincoln

    Be so awesome to experience this! Merry Christmas! ?

  88. Katja

    I love flying! This would be fantastic! Happy Holidays!

  89. Sandy

    For a couple who hustles through life like we do, a date night out together would be amazing! Thanks, team!

  90. stacey

    yes please! have always wanted to go to this!

  91. Michelle albas

    I would love to take my six-year-old daughter with me to this. She’s very into Christmas this year!

  92. Sunshine G

    Would love to see this!

  93. GC

    Watching Flyover Canada this Christmas would be a real treat

  94. Miren

    It would be amazing to attend this one this Christmas!!! I went to Fly Over Canada twice with my family, we love it! :D Merry Christmas!

  95. Helen

    Thanks for the chance!

  96. Tatiana

    What fun!

  97. Andras

    My wife would love me to take her to this!

  98. tlangley

    took my daughter a few years ago but now that my son is old enough i’d love to take him

  99. Jean

    Merry Christmas! ?❄️??

  100. Leanne

    Who doesn’t want to Flyover Canada in a sleigh with Santa!

  101. Kim Pike

    Would love to experience this Christmas celebration!!

  102. Meghan

    This would be so much fun!

  103. Sandra Rankine

    This would be so much fun

  104. Shelley Butcher

    I would love to win and take my grandkids to Flyover Canada Christmas! ?

  105. Roson

    This is really exciting!

  106. Very curious to see this!!

  107. Nicole

    I had no idea that this attraction was available in Vancouver – our family will try to check it out this holiday season.

  108. Jennifer Semilla

    Pick me! Thanks.

  109. Mel

    A touch of holiday awesomeness to boost everyones festive spirit!!

  110. Kitty

    Would love to see FlyOver Canada Christmas! Thank you.

  111. Greg

    would love to go

  112. Linda

    My husband and I would love to go

  113. Angela V

    I would love to see Flyover Canada Christmas

  114. Ine

    Would love to experience flyover Canada. It’s been on our to do list for a while!

  115. Cheryl

    I have never been to this or my grandkids. I would love to win and take my granddaughter.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for this contest

  116. Never been ..I’d take my son his birthday is coming ..

  117. Steven S

    Looks cool

  118. Ariel C

    i’d like to win!

  119. adam

    yes please!

  120. DebH

    Yes please! We love FlyOver Canada

  121. Entered, thanks!

  122. Marie

    Fabulous way to enjoy the Christmas Season

  123. Jolene Johnson

    We haven’t been yet, would love to win ?

  124. Elizabeth B

    I would love to treat my husband to this…thanks for the chance. I haven’t seen this movie yet.

  125. Jody

    Sounds fun!

  126. A

    Loved the experience and would love to repeat it!!!

  127. Zainab Suleman

    Would love to surprise my husband by taking him there on our 20th anniversary

  128. Lois

    Would love to see this!

  129. LauraJ

    Never seen the Xmas FlyOver, hope I win

    • Judy

      Love it! Hope I win

  130. Shirley

    Hope I win! Sounds fun!

  131. Judy

    Would be a great experience!

  132. Angela

    Wow ld love to do this for the holidays ??

  133. Amy

    This would be such a wonderful festive activity to enjoy with my niece!

  134. Anna Van

    I love this !

  135. jesseK

    Would love to take my family

  136. Stephanie K

    This would be awesome to treat my mum

  137. Vanessa92

    It was would be treat for my parents

  138. Ben

    Would love to be able to give these to my parents so they could have a Christmas date night.

  139. Kathlyn

    OMGGG! I’ve never been to flyover before! My boyfriend and I are from Saskatchewan and we will be coming on the last week of December to spend our new year there. We’re so excited to be in our fave city again! We’ve been wanting to go to the flyover!! <3

  140. Zainab Suleman

    What a wonderful once in a lifetime experience …hope I win

  141. Shyla

    Fly Over Canada is the best! Would be great to see the xmas edition.

  142. Barbara stokes

    Flying on the ground ….perfect combination !!!
    Love It!!

  143. Sandy Yung

    Amazing! I would love to bring the family to experience the magic. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas! ?

  144. sharon kang

    I love this blog! It would be great to win so I can take my mom from Korea and my boyfriend from Australia to experience this!

  145. yvonne

    I love The 12 Productions of Christmas tie-ins and I actually really enjoyed the “Christmas Cookies” movie. I’ve never had the chance to experience the FlyOver Canada attraction and there’s no better time than the holidays! Happy holidays!

  146. Laurel

    I would love to go

  147. linda

    A sleigh ride across Canada sounds perfect for Christmas

  148. Caroline Catania

    Such a fabulous event to go with the family

  149. Heather

    Have never been for the Christmas one before…would love to go!!

  150. Isabelle

    My friend and I have always talked about going but haven’t been before! This would be the perfect surprise! Merry Christmas :)

  151. Andrew M

    Awesome! Would love to go.

  152. Jason



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