Renowned glassblower’s work featured in ‘deeply personal’ show

Naoko Takenouchi glass sculptures featured at The Spirit Messenger Show from Feb. 15-March 7 at VisualSpace Gallery.

Opening Feb. 15, the Spirit Messenger Show is a sculpture and art exhibition featuring work by Naoko Takenouchi.

The exhibit includes pieces familiar to fans and collectors of the renowned glassblower. As well, three large installation pieces are featured. The show runs at VisualSpace Gallery until March 7.

According to the artist, the Spirit Messenger Show is deeply personal and tells a story.

“The Spirit Messenger Show is inspired by nature and birds as spirit messengers,” Takenouchi is quoted in a media release.

“The inspiration for my blown glass art has always come from my dialogue with my inner world, and is a reflection of my life experiences. After the loss of my husband, I experienced many struggles; trying to find my soul again and re-establish solid ground under my feet. As birds always fly back to their nests instinctively, I found myself going back to my creative path, which has always been my compass. Since then, through my daily creative practice, I’ve attempted to connect with my inner self to seek the meaning of loss, how to let go with love, and how to be in the present moment. I hope this exhibition will speak to many people, just like a spirit messenger delivered inspirations to me.”

The Spirit Messenger Show runs Feb.15-March 7 at VisualSpace Gallery.

Takenouchi studied glass-blowing at Tama Art University in Tokyo and furthered her studies in New York. Her work has taken her from the Swedish Centre Foundation in Northern Japan to Canada. She moved here in 1990. She worked in a studio on Granville Island. Galleries and museums around the world have exhibited her work.

VisualSpace Gallery is located at 3352 Dunbar St.. The gallery is open from 12-5 p.m.

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