Meet the Locals on Family Day

Photo: Kate Paton on Instagram @pacificnorthwestkate

In the distance, I could hear their distinctive howl. It began as a highly pitched series of yips and yelps which quickly escalated into an attention-grabbing chorus of sound as the pack joined in. Although I was in the heart of suburbia, I found myself captivated by the calls of a coyote pack. Unsure whether to feel frightened or excited, I froze in my tracks. I wondered what was causing all the excitement? I wondered if I was the source, having perhaps wandered too close to a den? Then, as if on cue, the howling stopped and the stillness of the evening prevailed. I suppose the party was over.

Photo: Kate Paton on Instagram @pacificnorthwestkate

Truth be told, there may be as many as 300 coyotes living in Vancouver neighbourhoods! Not all locals you may encounter around town are of the two-legged variety! In fact, our city is home to a wide range of wildlife. Whales have been sighted in English Bay, raccoons and skunks frequent most neighbourhoods, wise old Owls watch over us from their towering urban forest perches and who can forget our beloved Olympic Village beaver?

Photo: Rob Weiss

Although furry and feathered friend sightings in our cities often spark fierce debate, I find wildlife viewings thrilling! We live on nature’s doorstep, and each walk in the park or along the beach is an opportunity to meet a resident, and perhaps craft another compelling urban-wildlife story.

Ready to meet the locals on your next nature adventure? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Check it Out – Family Day Programs in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks

From Pacific Spirit Regional Park to Derby Reach and beyond Metro Vancouver Regional Parks invite families to explore and discover the natural world. Nature activities, guided walks and a wide variety of interpretive programs will connect you and your family to the natural environment.

Photo: Kate Paton on Instagram @pacificnorthwestkate

Coming this Family Day:

  • For the Love of Nature – Burnaby Lake and Campbell Valley Regional Parks
  • Family Day Campfire – Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Check out the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks program guide for complete event information.

Photo: Kate Paton on Instagram @pacificnorthwestkate

Stanley Park Nature House on Lost Lagoon

Unlock the natural secrets of Stanley Park with a visit to the Stanley Park Nature House. Located on the edge of Lost Lagoon, the facility features a variety of interpretive displays designed to capture your imagination. Friendly staff and volunteers are waiting to greet you and answer your nature related questions. Admission is free! Hours of operation and program information is available on their website.

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