Filming in Vancouver: Fresh Off the Boat stars, 1990s tech bubble, Canadian medical drama

Fresh Off the Boat star Ali Wong will visit Vancouver to shoot a Netflix film with her costar Randall Park.

Lots has been happening in Vancouver’s screen scene over the past few weeks, particularly on the TV side of things, and there are also some new projects on the horizon.

Two new productions will be coming to town in the near future, one that features cast and crew from Fresh Off the Boat and the other a historical Canadian medical drama.

Speaking of history, a docudrama series will start depicting the 1990s tech bubble. Meanwhile, a number of TV pilots are calling it a wrap.

Here’s a rundown of what’s going on in the local film and TV industry this week.

Randall Park

First up, let’s take a look at upcoming productions that are coming to town soon.

Several individuals from the hit TV series Fresh Off the Boat will be teaming up to shoot a Netflix film.

An as-yet untitled project starring Fresh Off the Boat’s Ali Wong (American Housewife) and Randall Park (Ant-Man and the Wasp) will be filmed in Vancouver from May 29 to July 21.

Ali Wong

The romantic comedy, to be directed by Fresh Off the Boat creator Nahnatchka Khan, revolves around two childhood sweethearts.

After having not spoken to each other for 15 years, they run into each other as adults.

When San Francisco celebrity chef Sasha reconnects with Marcus, who is a struggling musician living at home and working for his father, they find they still have feelings for each other. How sweet is that?

Camille Sullivan

Leaving behind the world of light and love, another production coming to Vancouver will much more grim subject matter.

CBC and Sundance TV are teaming up to film a eight-part mini-series to explore one of the biggest medical disasters in Canadian history.

After HIV and Hepatitis C emerged in Canada in the 1980s, thousands of people were infected by tainted blood products, prompting a federal investigation and a lawsuit seeking billions of dollars of compensation for victims.

Based upon firsthand accounts and two books (Vic Parsons’ Bad Blood and André Picard’s The Gift of Death), Unspeakable, which shoots from April 9 to June 29, will tell the story of what happened.

Sarah Wayne Callies

The series will star Sarah Wayne Callies (who is also on the Vancouver-shot TV series Colony), Shawn Doyle (Bellevue), and Vancouver actors Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) and Camille Sullivan (The Disappearance).

Michael Shanks

Meanwhile today (March 26), filming the six-part TV series Valley of the Boom gets underway and continues until May 28.

The docudrama series will portray what happened during the 1990s tech boom and bust that occurred in Silicon Valley.

Steve Zahn

The cast includes Steve Zahn (who stars on the Vancouver-shot The Crossing), Bradley Whitford (Get Out), Lamorne Morris (Game Night), John Karna (Lady Bird), Dakota Shapiro (The Affair), and Oliver Cooper (Project X).

The series will air in 2019 on the National Geographic channel.

Lamorne Morris

Elsewhere in the city, several TV pilots will be calling it a wrap this week.

One such project is the cop drama The Mission (also known as Safe Harbor), starring Lynn Collins and Wood Harris. The show, which started shooting on March 11 and ends on Tuesday (March 27), follows the professional and personal lives of several police officers.

Lynn Collins

The TV pilots for both the ensemble drama A Million Little Things and supernatural cop drama Dead Inside finish up on Thursday (March 29). Both started back on March 12.

If these pilots are approved to shoot their first season, we may soon see these productions joining the ranks of shows being shot in Vancouver.

On that note, that’s all for this week but check back in with us again for what’s filming on the streets of Vancouver.

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