Terri Tatchell’s Vancouver Favourites

Award-winning screenwriter of such impactful films as District 9, Terri Tatchell balances out her intense, often gory sci-fi scripts as co-owner of whimsical Neverland Tea Salon. Situated in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, fairytale-inspired Neverland pays homage to classic stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland while serving up decadent tea service, delicious brunch and “tipsy” tea-inspired cocktails.


Terri graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2001. She dove into the screenwriting arena in 2006 with Adicolor Yellow, a short action film helmed by her husband Neill Blomkamp. Terri and Neill also co-wrote District 9, which earned a Bradbury Award and several nominations for the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

Currently, Terri is completing the script for Apocalypse Now Now, an adaption of the sci-fi novel by Charlie Human (check out the teaser here), and developing Leona Gom’s The Y Chromosome for television. She is also writing a series of children’s picture books that call attention to endangered and misunderstood animals (Dik Dik Wants to Party; Aye Aye Gets Lucky; and Pee-Ew Pangopup).

Terri shared with us her must-do Vancouver experiences:

Neverland Tea Salon

…of course! I created exactly the place where I wanted to spend all my time. I’m particularly excited about our new Vegan High Tea. It’s creative and incredibly flavourful, and I encourage even non-vegans to give it a try – I bet they’ll enjoy it just as much!

Granville Island

This culinary and artisanal hub will always be my happy place, no matter what the weather or reason to go. The possibilities for things to see and do are endless, and everyone there is always in a good mood! Plus, it’s fun cruising over on the rainbow-coloured mini-ferries.

UBC Botanical Garden and Greenheart TreeWalk

These magical spaces at the University of British Columbia campus feel like a fairytale to me.


I love stories and especially stories for children, so I could spend hours in this bookstore. The staff is incredibly smart and enthusiastic about the treasures that stock their shelves, and they love matchmaking – it’s fun just to go in and listen to them find the perfect book for specific readers.

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