Vancouver’s Dawn Chorus

The Birds, Artist, Myfanwy MacLeod Photo: Rob Weiss

Spring has sprung! Listen. Early mornings mean glorious sunrises and delightful songbirds, and for those inclined to get outdoors at the crack of dawn, a symphony of sound awaits. It’s true. Mother Nature regularly treats us to a melodic chorus as the songbirds announce the start of a new day.  It’s a soundtrack I adore. Of course, I am an early riser, often accused of being too perky, so grabbing my steaming cup of coffee and venturing outside to catch the first chirps and tweets is something I look forward to. Truth be told dawn is the optimum time to tune-in.

Photo: Flickr, totororo.roro

Vancouver’s top-rated morning show soundtrack is written by numerous species of songbirds. To the uninitiated, the bird calls may sound like an explosion of sound. However, to the highly trained ear, distinctive calls are obvious. Male birds lead the choir, as they stake out their territory and warn off rivals. While the males set the tempo, the females listen intently, as they ponder which gentleman might make the perfect mate.  Usually, the chorus begins to die, and the singing becomes less vigorous, as the sun starts to rise on the horizon. Soon, the birds begin to forage; their minds focused on breakfast. Kindred spirits, perhaps?

Photo: Flickr, Ian Lee

Where to Tune in?

Vancouver is an excellent city for birding. From the North Shore Mountains to the Fraser Delta, the wide variety of habitats in our area attract over 250 species of birds annually. Set your alarm clock, grab your binoculars and set your sights on:

Photo: Flickr, Ian Preston

Not a morning person?

You’ll be thrilled to know there’s an app for that! You can download the calming, nature-inspired Dawn Chorus App and enjoy an avian wakeup call at a more civilized hour of the day. Music to your ears?

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