Filming in Vancouver: Limetown starts, The Terror to come, and Cosmos: Possible Worlds wraps

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the TV series Cosmos: Possible Worlds.

As summer has turned to autumn, the tone of the shows shooting in Vancouver are turning similarly more serious in tone. Well at any rate, that’s the case for this week.

An X-Files-esque podcast is being turned into a TV series while an acclaimed science series wraps up a local leg of shooting its latest installation—which is only its third in over three decades, believe it or not.

Meanwhile, on the horizon is a horror anthology series that will be set during a dark period in U.S. history: the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening in Vancouver’s screen scene this week and in the weeks to come.


First up, let’s take a look at a hit podcast mystery-drama series that’s being adapted into a TV series.

Limetown starts shooting Season 1 on Wednesday (September 26) and will continue until December 7.

The suspenseful six-episode podcast, which launched in 2015 and topped the iTunes chart, follows journalist Lia Haddock on her investigation into the unsolved, eerie disappearance of over 300 people (including her uncle) from a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee.

Details such as the cast or premiere date of the TV series haven’t been announced yet so we’ll just have to stay tuned to see how the audio drama translates on the screen.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

When it comes to science on the non-fiction side of things, the latest edition of a groundbreaking TV series about astronomy and space exploration wraps up production this week.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds shot in Vancouver (with production based in Burnaby) for only a very brief period, from September 13 to 22. The series also shot in other locations, such as New Mexico.

Hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this latest series purports to venture into uncharted territory through both space and time, including the distant future.

Carl Sagan

The series first launched in 1980 with Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, hosted by renowned science communicator Carl Sagan. Over three decades later, it was followed by Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey in 2014, hosted by Tyson.

Among the series’ producers are Ann Druyan (who has been with the series since the beginning) and Seth MacFarlane. Druyan will also write a companion book for the series.

The book will be released in February 2019 while the show will premiere in March 2019.

The Terror

In the near future, a horror anthology TV series, set in historical events, is relocating to Vancouver to shoot its second season.

The Terror will shoot 10 episodes for Season 2 from November 26 to April 5, 2019.

The first season of the show, which was shot in Hungary and Croatia, depicted Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost voyage in 1847 in search of the Northwest Passage.

The Terror

The second season of the series will focus on the internment of Japanese American citizens in the U.S. in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbour during the Second World War.

The story will focus on a community of Japanese Americans in Los Angeles haunted by an evil spectre, and whose lives become even worse after Japan bombs Pearl Harbour.

The cast has yet to be announced. But the series is slated to air in 2019.

Japanese American citizens were interned in the U.S. during the Second World War.

That’s it for this week but something to keep in mind is that the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) kicks off on Thursday (September 27) and continues until October 12.

There’ll be a lot of filmmakers and talent converging in town for this annual film fete—not to mention a ton of films to check out—so for more information, visit the VIFF website.

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