Why Vancouver is the perfect destination for a solo female traveller

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There are endless reasons why Vancouver is the perfect destination for all kinds of travellers. Need I mention the majestic mountains or the irresistible cuisine? Solo female travellers, you should move Vancouver to the top of your list! Here’s why…

Safe City

Vancouver boasts a reputation for being an incredibly safe place to travel. I’ve lived in Vancouver for over a year now and I can attest. We can all appreciate that solo travel can be a nerve-racking experience, having to navigate a new place and determine the “good” and “bad” areas. In Vancouver I can honestly say I feel safe, whether I’m in downtown or in any of the neighbouring communities, day or night. If I leave work late or am out and about when it’s dark in Vancouver, I’m completely at ease. Even when my parents recently visited from Ireland, they commented on how safe Vancouver was. You can imagine as natural worriers how much of a relief that was for them.

Fortunately, violent crimes are extremely uncommon in Vancouver. Like any city, while petty crimes can happen, they are rare here. That offers great peace of mind for anyone coming to adventure solo in Vancouver. You’re going to be safe and sound here!

Friendly locals

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On my first day in Vancouver I remember thinking that Canadians really live up to the stereotype of being nice and polite. People initiated conversations with me on public transport as if they knew I was fresh to the city. When my Google maps decided to lead me astray, locals were happy to help guide me around their city.

Despite a population of over two million, Metro Vancouver feels much more intimate than you imagine, and it’s true what they say – Vancouverites are REALLY friendly. So go ahead and travel solo to Vancouver, you’re guaranteed to meet new and friendly faces!

Accessible transportation

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A big consideration when travelling solo to a new location is accessible transport. With many ways to get around Vancouver you can simply take your pick. The SkyTrain, a fully-automated and driverless transit system, takes you around the city swiftly. Listen for Vancouver native Seth Rogen’s announcements as well. He’s sure to give you a giggle on your way!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly each train arrives after the last, so less time waiting and more time to explore the city. Catching the express buses are another good way to see the city, with fewer stops you’ll reach your destination in no time.

If you like the idea of travelling by water, Vancouver can accommodate. The SeaBus and rainbow-coloured Aquabus ferries are some of the most fun ways to experience Vancouver. Personally, I love how accessible Vancouver is on foot, so you may decide not to use the transport here at all.

Ready to explore this safe, friendly and accessible city? Vancouver’s waiting to welcome you!

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