Filming in Vancouver: Woke, Snowpiercer, iZombie, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of several TV series on a holiday hiatus in Vancouver.

With the city awash in seasonal decorations and celebrations, Vancouver’s typically busy screen scene is coming to a standstill as film and TV productions take a winter interlude.

In this week’s rundown of what’s going on in Hollywood North, we take a quick look at a few productions that are on hiatus, and preparing to wrap up shortly thereafter in the new year.

Plus, there’s a new TV pilot that’ll be shooting in the city.

So before you settle in for a holiday rest, here’s a quick look at what’s happening on the streets of Vancouver.

Lamorne Morris

Even though many productions have called it a wrap and left the city, the promise of 2019 means that there’ll be new projects coming to replace them.

Case-in-point: the TV pilot for a potential new TV series, Woke, will shoot from January 29 to February 6.

This Hulu comedy series, directed by Maurice Marable (Brockmire), will feature a mix of live-action and animation and is inspired by the life and work of cartoonist Keith Knight, whose autobiographical comic strips include The K Chronicles, The Knight Life, and (Th)ink.

Lamorne Morris (New Girl) stars as African-American cartoonist Keef Knight who is on the verge of achieving mainstream success. However, when he has an unexpected experience with the police, his shift in tone in his comics may change everything—including animated objects invading his reality.

Morris was among the cast for National Geographic’s Valley of the Boom, which was also shot in Vancouver.

This six-part docu-drama miniseries tells the story of the rise and fall of Silicon Valley during the dotcom bubble. The series premieres on National Geographic on January 13.

Jennifer Connelly

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve nigh, productions are going on hiatus to give cast and crew a seasonal break.

Among the slew of TV series on a winter pause are some shows that will be wrapping up production on their latest seasons in January.

One of them is Snowpiercer, which has been shooting its inaugural season since August 20. It has been taking a break since December 21 and will get back in the saddle on January 6.

Shortly thereafter, the production, which stars Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, calls it a wrap on Season 1 on January 18.

A premiere date is yet to be announced so stay tuned.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Similarly, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow went on hiatus on December 22 but will be back on January 7.

However, it’ll only be back in action for a brief period as it is slated to complete production on Season 4 on January 24.


Meanwhile, iZombie, starring Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli, which has been on a break since December 21 and will resume shooting on January 10.

But it’s only back for a brief period as its slated to finish up filming Season 5 on January 21.

Alas, this is the concluding season for zom-rom-com-drama, which began shooting on August 7, so get ready to bid your adieus.

The Season 5 premiere date is yet to be announced.

Rahul Kohli

And on that note, that’s it for this week’s roundup. Until our next instalment, we wish you all the best for the holiday season and may all your screen dreams come true.

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