Filming in Vancouver: Jason Momoa, Arrowverse TV series, and more get back in action

Jason Momoa is shooting the sci-fi TV series See in Vancouver.

New year’s greetings to you all, dear readers!

A big thanks to those of you who have spent time reading this blog over the past year and a hearty welcome to all new visitors to these pages.

A new year means a fresh reboot for Vancouver’s busy screen scene, with productions resuming work after a holiday season and the eventual promise of some new projects that’ll be coming down the pipe.

In this week’s roundup, we’re taking a look at the former—TV series that are getting back on set to produce their latest seasons.

It’s a chance to take a look at what shows are shot in Vancouver—some of which you may not even have been aware were shot here.

A Million Little Things

First up, A Million Little Things was originally listed on production lists as wrapping up in December but it turns out it was just on hold for the holiday season.

The family drama series, about a group of friends shaken up by the death of one of them, gets back into production on 17 episodes for its inaugural season on January 2 and keeps going until February 4.

Jason Momoa in Aquaman

Also back in action is the Apple TV sci-fi drama See, which is shooting its first Season 1. It went on hiatus on December 14 but is back in production today (January 2).

It originally starting filming on September 26 and will continue until February 8.

Toplining the series is Jason Momoa, who is riding high on the major wave of success that Aquaman made over the holiday season.

Momoa plays a fearless leader in a future world when the entire human race has gone blind and has redeveloped its societies accordingly—until all of that is challenged by the birth of twins who possess the ability of sight.


Speaking of superheroes from DC Comics, several DC–based TV series are powering up once again.

Central to the interrelated TV series adaptations of DC Comics (otherwise known as the Arrowverse), Arrow, starring Stephen Amell as the titular hero, has been in production on its seventh season since July 6.

Stephen Amell

It went on hiatus on December 22 but gets back into action Thursday (January 3).

As the longest running series in the Arrowverse, it’s also the first one to get back in the saddle after the seasonal holidays.

The series will be here for the next few months as it’s scheduled to continue filming until April 18.

The Flash

A few days after Arrow gets going, sibling series The Flash, with Grant Gustin in the lead, is up and running again on Sunday (January 6).

Grant Gustin

It started shooting Season 5 on July 6 but won’t be resting its heels until it wraps on April 10.

The 100

Meanwhile in the realm of post-apocalyptic sci-fi dramas, The 100 went on vacation on December 15 but gets back behind and in front of the camera on Thursday (January 3).

Having started back on August 27, the series will call it a wrap on Season 6 on February 13.

The Man in the High Castle

Meanwhile, another dystopian series, The Man in the High Castle will get back to working on Season 4 on Sunday (January 6).

While the alternate history series, which explores what the U.S. could have been like if Japan and Germany won the Second World War, started back on September 17, it will continue production until March 7.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week’s rundown of what’s shooting in Vancouver but that’s only about half of the TV series that are filming in Vancouver, with the second half starting up next week.

We’ll go over those, as well as any new shows that 2019 may bring. Until then, here’s to another year of star-spotting on the streets of Vancouver!

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