Filming in Vancouver: Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Coffee and Kareem, and more

Ruby Rose will star in Batwoman.

As the weather heats up, so is Vancouver’s screen scene.

Two productions—including a cop comedy film and a First Nations local food show—may be finishing up but there’s plenty to look forward to.

Not only is there a feature film about monster-hunting babysitters coming (to be directed by a local filmmaker) but there are also two Arrowverse TV series on the radar.

See you after the jump for more on all these tidbits in detail.

Up first, the Netflix film A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting is scheduled to shoot from August 6 to October 16.

This family film will draw upon the three-book series by Joe Ballarini and will be directed by UBC film professor and filmmaker Rachel Talalay, who has directed episodes of the U.K.’s Doctor Who as well as locally shot productions such as The Flash and Riverdale.

Rachel Talalay

The movie will follow the adventures of a babysitter who, after monsters kidnap the child she is taking care of, sets out to rescue her charge with the help of a secret society of babysitters who protect children destined to change the world.

There’s no word yet on who is starring in it, or what the release date might be. But once we find out, we’ll let you know so stay tuned.

Ed Helms

In the meantime, two productions are finishing up production this week.

First up, Coffee and Kareem will call it a wrap on Tuesday (June 4).

This Netflix comedy movie, directed by Canadian director Michael Dowse (It’s All Gone Pete Tong) has been busy shooting since April 22.

Taraji P. Henson

Ed Helms (The Daily Show) stars in this feature as a Detroit cop who winds up teaming up with the 11-year-old son of his girlfriend, played by Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures), so that he can clear his name while pursuing the city’s most merciless criminal.

The cast includes David Alan Grier, Betty Gilpin, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, RonReaco Lee, and Terrence Little Gardenhigh.

Quest Out West: Wild Food

Later on this week, Quest Out West: Wild Food will complete shooting Season 3 on Friday (June 7), having started on April 22 with production based in Burnaby.

This Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) series, hosted by Tracey Kim Bonneau of the Syilx Nation of the Okanagan, travels throughout British Columbia to uncover stories about local food and culture while in search of healthy meals.

This third season will hit the airwaves in early 2020.

Ruby Rose

In other news, a number of Arrowverse TV series may have recently finished shooting their latest seasons over the past few months but they’ll be getting back in action in the near future—and a new series is joining the power pack.

During pilot season, we mentioned that Batwoman shot its pilot episode from March 4 to 25.

Now there’s good news to share.

The show is a go—it’s been greenlit to shoot Season 1 from July 4 to December 2.

It’ll be the first superhero TV series with an openly gay lead character, also played by the openly gay Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black).

Legends of Tomorrow

Another returning Arrowverse TV series is Legends of Tomorrow, which will start shooting Season 5 on July 15 and will continue until January 29, 2020.

With those coming up and announcements about when the other Arrowverse series get back in the saddle, there’s lots, it seems, that’ll be coming this way.

As we head into the summer season, there’ll be plenty more to report on too so we’ll see you again soon for another installation of what’s going on here on the streets of Hollywood North.

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