Live the Limetown Life in Vancouver

Lia Haddock, investigative reporter for American Public Radio, stumbles on the story of a lifetime when she investigates the disappearance of more than 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. Chances are, you’ve already listened to her harrowing tale on hit podcast Limetown, which skyrocketed to number-one downloaded podcast on iTunes just two months after release.

Now, you can relive Lisa’s story on yet another medium: Facebook Watch. Limetown was created by Facebook, Endeavour Content, Iron Ocean Productions and Midnight Radio, and debuts on October 16 with 10 juicy episodes. The show stars Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci, and was filmed at Vancouver sites that include the Museum of Anthropology and the Chan Centre for Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia, The Permanent Building, The Ovaltine Café and Chinatown.

Inspired to live the Limetown life? Check out our Limetown self-guided itinerary to delve deeper into the Facebook Watch version of this compelling podcast, and keep an eye out: you never know where the next mystery lies!

If you like Limetown, you might also enjoy touring Vancouver through the lens of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (bonus: we give you suggestions for indulging in cozy fall beverages along your tour!), Riverdale and Supernatural.  


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