Oktoberfest 2019: The biggest haus party in Vancouver is back!

harvest haus 2019

Photo by Jonathan Evans www.jonnypicture.com

It’s the biggest haus party in Vancouver’s history! After a year-long hiatus, Vancouver’s high-energy ode to Oktoberfest is back!

Bigger than ever before, the 2019 Harvest Haus 19+ celebrations will take place on Oct 10 – 12, 18, 19. There are only seven seatings this year, and each one is unique with mini-experiences sprinkled throughout.

Expect the unexpected with theatrical keg tapping ceremonies, tasty German fare, dancing, and lots of delicious bier.

harvest haus vancouver 2019

Image from Harvestland Festival

Vancouver’s Harvest Haus features seven days of seatings, each with its own unique theme. Tickets are $25 (general admission) or $40 (VIP) and will get you a four and a half hour Oktoberfest-inspired event.

Your ticket gets you access to high energy, unique Bavarian musical performances, authentic European food stalls, tasty beer, and extra surprises.

The seven distinct events include:

Grand Opening Night (Oct 10) – This night is all about honoring the true traditions of the Harvest!

Sweetheart Nacht (Oct 11) – Whether single or taken, Sweethart Nacht is for all. Upon entering the event, collect your gingerbread heart and discover where the night leads… Either grab your der Liebling and join in on the festivities, or quest to find your matching gingerbread cookie heart.

The Stein Games (Oct 12) – Feel the Halle swell with festive rivalry, amping the usual festive revelry! Multiple games, including Stein Pong, will be contested so come watch or take part with a team!

Ach Ja! It’s Saturday! (Oct 12) – The ultimate in Harvest Haus evenings, and the most vibrant night of the week. Grab your kamerades and put on your most comfortable dancing boots, tonight is the Halle’s preeminent evening of celebration. Drink, jig, and have a roaring time!

Zanymode Mystery Guest Night (Oct 18) – Tonight we expect the most stylish Burgers and Matrones to make their case for being the best dressed and we are even looking for bands of merry meisters to come in group costumes! The night also features a special host to lead guests into “Zany mode”.

Lippensychron Battle (Oct 19) – Be entertained as teams of guests compete to Synch the best with fun, funky, and frivolous routines. Take part if you have the lebensfreude!

The Grand Finale! (Oct 19) – This is it, your final chance to experience the Harvest Haus! It’s sure to be an uproarious good time.

Tickets and more details about each event are located on the Harvest Haus website.

Want to include your kids in the festivities? Unfortunately, they can’t join the Harvest Haus fun (a good thing), but Harvest Land is worth checking out for a family-friendly harvest festival adjacent to the Haus.

Harvest Haus Quick Details

Dates: Oct 10 – 12, 18, 19

Location: Hastings Park (2901 E Hastings St.)

Tickets: $25 – $40 (plus you have to rent a beer stein for $3)

Website: harvest.land/haus

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