Airbnb launches Animal Experiences with many already popping up in the Vancouver area

airbnb animal experiences

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Seasoned travellers all around the world are very familiar with AirBNB and their unique, budget-friendly accommodations.

Today, the company announced a new venture of animal-friendly and humane experiences for travellers to enjoy! The announcement included several animal experiences in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

These ethical animal experiences will allow travellers and Canadians to better understand and respect animals through “caring and expert hosts” as outlined in their official announcement.

A woman taking photos of ducks, geese and swans at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Spotting wildlife at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park. Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver / Suzanne Rushton

The full list of worldwide animal experiences includes some amazing looking options, such as: Drinking a draft with a rescue dog, Tea with naughty sheep, Hiking with goats, and so, so many more experiences that are perfect for any animal lover.

In Metro Vancouver, you can check out a horse therapy and hobby farm where you can feed horses, relax in their comforting presence, or bring a yoga mat.

Or, take some time to enjoy the local animal residents in a guided wildlife hike in Metro Vancouver.

Outside of Metro Vancouver, there are several other options including a horseback expedition in Whistler, a Winter eagle viewing float in Squamish, and whale watching from Nanaimo.

With over 1,000 experiences co-hosted by over 300 species and their human advocates across the world, AirBNB will be setting a new standard for animal tourism.

While Vancouver doesn’t have any options yet for paddleboarding with corgis or learning from urban beekeepers, here’s hoping that the animal experiences will continue to expand!

If you’re looking for options closer to Vancouver, don’t forget that there are several places to spot wildlife around town or you can always drop into a kitten, dog, or goat yoga practice that is hosted multiple times a year!

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