Downtown art exhibit of meticulous Chinese art offers a tranquil escape from city life

Ren Zhong: Twin Wings to the Glory is an exhibition of 38 new paintings by the Chinese artist. Zhong is a practitioner of GongBi, or “meticulous tradition.” The work in the show delves into the connection between humans and nature and is featured at Sunzen Gallery (420 Howe St.) until Feb. 21. Find out more below.

The gallery is calling the exhibit “a tranquil escape from busy city life.” Ren paints with a hair-thin brush, constructing meticulous outlines to capture the beauty and historic spiritual symbolism of nature.

A Herd of Deer in the Maple Grove, 2019, ink and colour on silk.

Born in China in 1976, Ren connected to art through his father, an art teacher. From an early age, Ren practiced Chinese painting and calligraphy and developed an interest in the art of the Song Dynasty, which began in 960 and lasted until 1279 and is regarded as a “golden age” in Chinese history, and in the Yuan Dynasty. An aficionado of Confucianism, he believes any ordinary activities of human life are manifestations of the sacred.

Ren’s work has been displayed in international art fairs, including Art Basel and Masterpiece London. Twin Wings to the Glory at Sunzen Gallery marks the artist’s first Canadian showing.

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