Filming in Vancouver: Henry Golding, Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Iko Uwais, and more

Henry Golding

Now that we’ve officially entered December, we’re counting down the days until several productions will be going on a restful break for the holiday season. And many have been wrapping up before the end of year

But in Vancouver’s screen scene, when one door closes, another one opens.

Such is the case with one feature film—an action blockbuster—calling it quits just as a new one—a psychological thriller—arrives in town to get started.

And with them, Hollywood stars are coming and going too.

Here’s a look at what’s happening on the streets of Hollywood North this week.

Casey Affleck

The feature film Every Breath You Take starts filming on Thursday (December 5) and continues until January 21.

Directed by Vaughn Stein (Terminal), this thriller follows a psychiatrist, played by Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea), whose career is jeopardized when his client commits suicide.

Michelle Monaghan

But after he introduces her surviving brother to his wife, portrayed by Michelle Monaghan (Gone Girl) and daughter (Veronica Ferres), his family life becomes torn asunder.

Vernoica Ferres

The cast also includes Sam Clafin.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet so stayed tuned for when you can see this on a screen near you.

Sam Clafin

While that one gets going, the following day, another feature film will be calling it a wrap.

The G.I. Joe spin-off Snake Eyes, directed by Robert Schwentke (Allegiant), began shooting on October 15 and will finish up on Friday (December 6).

Henry Golding

This action blockbuster stars Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) as the mysterious titular ninja soldier for which this movie will serve as an origin story.

The movie will follow the lead character seeking revenge for the death of his father by joining a ninja clan, where he finds acceptance.

Andrew Koji

His nemesis and biological brother Storm Shadow is played by Andrew Koji.

Samara Weaving

Iko Uwais (who stars in the locally shot TV series Wu Assassins) will portray the sword expert Hard Master, Samara Weaving will star as counter-intelligence officer Scarlett, and Úrsula Corberó will play the evil Cobra agent known as the Baroness.

Úrsula Corberó

The cast also includes Takehiro Hara and Haruka Abe.

The release date was originally slated for March 27, 2020, but it has since been pushed back to October 20 so there’s quite a wait before we see the final product.

Haruka Abe

In the meantime, we’ll have more of what’s coming and going from the local streets in the coming weeks as we countdown the days to the holidays and new year.

Until next time, as always, have fun spotting Vancouver on a screen near you.

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