Filming in Vancouver: Christmas Chronicles, Batwoman, The Flash, Casey Affleck, and more

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the Christmas Chronicles

The last batch of TV series are going on holiday hiatuses. And many of them—rather fittingly—are superpowered and sci-fi-boosted so presumably they used their super endurance to continue on late into the season.

A feature film will be taking a breather for the wintry holidays.

Santa Claus will also allegedly take a break from filming so that he can do his seasonal duty.

Elsewhere in B.C., a Canadian film wrapped up filming in the Okanagan.

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening in the local screen screen as we head into the holidays.

The Flash

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been listing the TV shows that have been going on hiatus for the holidays.

That continues this week, with the last bunch just before Christmas.


TV series that have been temporarily suspending production for the holiday season this past weekend include:

Firefly Lane, Season 1 (December 21 to January 6)
The Flash, Season 6 (December 21 to January 6)
Snowpiercer, Season 2 (December 21 to January 6)
Woke, Season 1 (December 21 to January 6)
The Stand, Season 1 (December 22 to January 4)

The 100

The last stalwart group of TV series going on a break are superhero and sci-fi productions:

Away, Season 1 (December 23 to January 3)
Batwoman, Season 1 (December 23 to January 6)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 5 (December 23 to January 6)
The 100, Season 7 (December 23 to January 3)


Meanwhile, a rather timely Netflix movie is also on holidays—or perhaps devoting time to other forms of seasonal work.

Christmas Chronicles 2 is breaking for the holidays from December 21 to January 2—presumably so that Santa Claus can work on delivering gifts to all the good girls and boys of the world.

Goldie Hawn

Once back in action, it’ll continue shooting until February 1.

The cast includes Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Judah Lewis, and Darby Camp.

Kurt Russell

Also on winter hiatus is the feature thriller Every Breath You Take, which will take a take a moment to catch its breath from December 21 to January 6.

The cast includes Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, and Veronica Ferres.

After getting back on set, the film will principal photography will continue until January 21.

Casey Affleck

Elsewhere in B.C., the crime thriller Chained recently shot from December 4 to 22, with production based in Kelowna.

In this Canadian feature film directed by Titus Heckel (With Child), a bullied and abused boy becomes friends with a criminal who is chained inside a warehouse. But after a violent betrayal, the abused becomes the abuser, and puts their lives in danger.

The cast includes Marlon Kazadi (Ghostbusters: Afterlife).

Marlon Kazadi

And on that note, that’s it for this week’s edition.

Until we see you next time, best wishes for the holiday season and may all your screen dreams come true!

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