Filming in Vancouver: The Good Doctor, Another Life, Brand New Cherry Flavor, and more

Rosa Salazar stars in Brand New Cherry Flavor

Now here’s a rarity—Vancouver is getting a chance to play itself. Can you believe it?

After all, Vancouver is constantly playing cities ranging from Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles to New York City (yes, it’s true), Tokyo, Star City, and alien metropolises.

But a new TV show will give our fair city a fair chance at playing its fair self.

There are also two investigative sci-fi dramas coming this way—one is a returning series while the other is a pilot for a possible new show.

Meanwhile, a revenge thriller that delves into the horrors of supernatural Hollywood is calling it a wrap, along with a hit medical drama.

So with all that going on, here’s this week’s roundup of what’s filming on the streets of Vancouver.

Jewel Staite

To kick things off, Season 1 of the new Canadian TV series Family Law will shoot 10 episodes from Tuesday (March 3) to June 9.

Zach Smadu

Created by author Susin Neilsen (Robson Arms) and directed by Jordan Canning (Schitt’s Creek), this one-hour legal drama from Global TV revolves around a group of dysfunctional family members who wind up working together at their father’s law firm in where else but downtown Vancouver.

Victor Garber

The cast includes Jewel Staite, Zach Smadu, Genelle Williams, and Victor Garber.

We’ll have to wait to hear when the premiere date is announced.

Katee Sackhoff

Another TV series is back on set this week, but this one is out of this world.

Another Life is back for Season 2 today (March 2), and will continue filming until June 9.

Justin Chatwin

In this sci-fi drama, a Möbius strip–like flying object lands on Earth. While a scientist (Justin Chatwin) is unable to find a way to communicate with the alien artifact, his astronaut wife (Katee Sackhoff) leads a team into space in search of where the object came from.

Jake Abel

The series debuted with its first season on Netflix on July 25, 2019, and was renewed for Season 2 on October 29. But we’ll have to wait to hear when Season 2 hits home screens.

Alex Ozerov

The cast includes Samuel Anderson, Blu Hunt, Jake Abel, A.J. Rivera, Alex Ozerov, JayR Tinaco, Elizabeth Faith Ludlow, Selma Blair, and more.

Jonathan Tucker

Speaking of sci-fi drama, the TV pilot for potential new series Debris will start on Tuesday (March 3) and shoot until March 19.

In this potential new series, two agents—one from the CIA and the other from MI6—from two different continents and two different philosophies are forced to overcome their differences while working together on an investigation into why wreckage from an alien spacecraft is having strange effects on human beings.

Riann Steele

Jonathan Tucker (City on a Hill) and Riann Steele (Holby City) star in the lead roles, and the cast includes Norbert Leo Butz.

Rosa Salazar

As that one gets going, other TV series will be calling it a wrap this week.

Among them is a brand new series called Brand New Cherry Flavor.

Jeff Ward

Season 1 started shooting on November 25 and will finish up filming eight episodes today (March 2).

This horror-thriller Netflix series, based on the cult horror novel by Todd Grimson, follows an aspiring film director in Los Angeles in the 1990s, played by Rosa Salazar (Alita: Battle Angel) who embarks upon a mind-bending journey in pursuit of supernatural revenge—but things spiral out of control.

Catherine Keener

The cast also includes Catherine Keener, Eric Lange, Jeff Ward, and Manny Jacinto.

Freddie Highmore

Coming to a close for Season 3 is The Good Doctor, which completes filming on Tuesday (March 3), having started back on June 19.

Following a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, played by Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel), the series chronicles the life Dr. Shaun Murphy as he uses his talents at St. Bonaventure Hospital while venturing into the world of love and romance.

Nicholas Gonzalez

The cast includes Antonia Thomas, Nicholas Gonzalez, Chuku Modu, Beau Garrett, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff, and Tamlyn Tomita.

Hill Harper

The good news about this good doctor and his good colleagues is that the series will back—ABC has renewed it for Season 4.

Tamlyn Tomita

And with that, we might as well draw to a close on a promising note.

It also looks like there’s going to be plenty more comings and goings to chatter about in the weeks ahead so check back in again with us to get the rundown on what’s happening in Hollywood North.

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