10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Vancouver

Cyclists on the Seawall in Vancouver

Photo: Tourism Vancouver / Destination Canada (CTC)

Occurring each year on April 22, Earth Day honors Mother Earth and is a way to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In most years, Vancouver celebrates Earth Day with festivals and a parade. While there are no planned events this year, it’s easy to plan your own celebration. Here are 10 ways to commemorate Earth Day in Vancouver.

Until further notice, in line with the public health order, non-essential travel into, within, and out of BC is not recommended. BC residents, let’s do our part by continuing to stay small and support local with your immediate household, in accordance with the latest guidelines.


Go for a Hike

Spending time in nature is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. There are tons of hiking options near Vancouver. Use our guide to spring hikes near Vancouver to pick a trail that is snow-free (and super scenic) at this time of year.


Make Your Outdoor Space Earth-Friendly

If you have a yard, balcony, or patio, show it some earth-friendly love. Install a bird feeder, birdhouse, or birdbath to encourage birds to hang out. Or use native species in your landscaping. They require less watering, fertilizers, and pesticides since they are already adapted to grow here. Native plants will also attract birds and pollinators.


Ride Your Bike

With car-free paths and designated bike lanes all around the city, Vancouver is a cyclist’s paradise. As the weather warms up, Earth Day is the perfect time to switch your commute from car to bike. And if you just want to ride for fun, we’ve got a great list of easy bike rides around Vancouver to get you started.


Go on a Water Adventure

Explore the water this Earth Day. Have you tried paddleboarding yet? We’ve got recommendations for the best places to go paddleboarding in Vancouver. If you’d rather sit while you paddle, check out our guide to kayaking in Vancouver. Don’t forget about what’s below the surface too. Book a SCUBA or snorkelling trip with Sea Dragon Charters to find out why BC is one of the world’s top cold water diving locations.

A man carries a paddleboard to the beach in Vancouver

Photo: Tourism Vancouver / Hubert Kang


Enjoy Spring Flowers

Vancouver is home to many beautiful gardens including rose gardens, Asian gardens, botanical gardens, walled gardens, and lots more. Use our list of Vancouver area gardens to find one near you. At this time of year, Vancouver’s cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. Use our guide to find the best places to view cherry blossoms.


Learn to Identify Local Plants

Connect with other Earth by getting to know the plants that live in your yard, on your street, or in your local park. Use a plant identification book or an app like Seek by iNaturalist to learn plant names and helpful info like whether they are native to our local area, how indigenous people used them, and more. If you’re interested in learning about edible plants, sign up for an in-person or online foraging class with chef Robin of Swallow Tail Canada.


Watch Wildlife

Vancouver is home to lots of urban wildlife like raccoons, coyotes, beavers, frogs, and eagles. Use our guide to wildlife watching in Vancouver to find the best places to spot them. Our city is also a great place for birders, thanks to its location on the Pacific Flyway, a migration route. Check out our suggestions for the best birdwatching spots around Vancouver.


Shop at the Farmer’s Market

The food we eat has a huge impact on the planet. Organic, local food that is in season is an Earth-friendly choice. You can find a huge selection of local and sustainably grown food at Vancouver’s farmer’s markets.

West End Farmers Market in Vancouver

Photo: Tourism Vancouver / Vision Event Photography Inc.


Go Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is a decades-old Japanese nature meditation practice where you sit or slowly walk in nature, being mindful of what you see, hear, smell, and touch. Scientific research shows that spending time forest bathing can lower stress, increase mood, and reduce fatigue. Use our list of the best forest bathing spots around Vancouver to try it out.


Shop the Zero-Waste Way

Vancouverites are committed to the zero-waste lifestyle with several local businesses leading the charge. Head to Nada or The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples for a package-free grocery experience in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouer. Further afield, check out The Refill Stop in New Westminster, Pick Eco Refills in Chilliwack, and The Port Moody Refillery.

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