8 Ways to Get Outdoors in Richmond

A person fishing in Richmond.

Fishing at No. 3 Road Pier. Photo: Tourism Richmond

Located next to the Pacific Ocean, Richmond is a great outdoor destination for biking, walking, fishing, and wildlife watching without going far from the city. Here are eight ways to have fun outdoors in Richmond.


Go Whale Watching

Whale watching season in Vancouver runs from March to October. Start your tour from Richmond, home of Vancouver Whale Watch and Steveston Seabreeze Adventures. From their base on the Fraser River in Steveston, it’s a short trip into the Strait of Georgia to see killer whales, humpback whales, porpoises, harbour seals, sea lions, eagles, and lots more.


Go for a Bike Ride

Richmond’s flat terrain makes it a perfect biking destination. There are lots of off-street bike routes to explore, including the scenic gravel West Dyke Trail, which has great ocean views. Use the Richmond Recreational Trails and Cycling Map to plan your ride.

Two people cycle the West Dyke Trail in Richmond at sunset

Cycling West Dyke Trail. Photo: Tourism Richmond


Go Fishing

Surrounded by the Fraser River and the Pacific Ocean, Richmond is a great location to go fishing. You can book a small-group charter in Steveston or fish from shore at Imperial Landing, No. 2 Road Fishing Pier, No. 3 Road Sports Fishing Pier, No. 7 Road Pier, or Mitchell Island Pier. Don’t forget to buy a tidal waters fishing license first!


Visit a Farm or Winery

Richmond’s rural areas are home to several farms and wineries. Head to Lavenderland to enjoy rows of fragrant purple blooms. Richmond Country Farms hosts a sunflower festival each summer, a pumpkin patch in the fall, and a farm market all year. You can also go wine tasting at Country Vines or Lulu Island Winery.

A couple walks through the vines at Lulu Island Winery

Lulu Island Winery. Photo: Tourism Richmond


Try Bird Watching

With lots of shoreline and wetlands and a location in the middle of the Pacific Flyway migration route, Richmond is home to great bird watching. Grab some binoculars then head to popular birding spots like Iona Island Regional Park or the South Dyke Trail. Use Richmond’s Birding Map to find more bird watching destinations along with a handy photo guide to local birds.


Visit a Park

Richmond has several large parks where you can get in touch with nature. Iona Beach Regional Park near the airport has a unique walking and biking trail along the jetty. Centrally located Minoru Park has beautiful tree-lined walking trails and a gorgeous garden. While families know Terra Nova Rural Park for its impressive adventure playground, the park is also home to walking trails, a garden, and historic buildings. Garry Point Park in Steveston is a great spot for a picnic and is also one of the best places in Vancouver to fly a kite.

Garry Point Park in Richmond

Garry Point Park, Steveston. Photo: Tourism Richmond


Explore the Bog at Richmond Nature Park

Vancouver’s bogs and wetlands are home to unique species of plants and animals. Take an easy hike through Richmond Nature Park to discover a raised peat bog ecosystem. Use the Self-Guided Nature Walk Brochure to learn about how the bog was formed and identify plants like Labrador tea, bog rosemary, and native blueberry. Stop in at the Nature House to experience interactive exhibits.


Try Geocaching

Use the GPS on your phone along with an app to participate in a fun treasure-hunting hobby called geocaching. Use our beginners’ guide to geocaching to get started. Richmond is home to the first official GeoTour of a Canadian City on geocaching.com. Download a GeoTour passport, then head out to find 20 special geocaches across Richmond, each with its own secret word. Record the secret words in your passport, send it in, and earn a trackable Geo-tag.


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