Welcome Vancouver’s Newest Solar-Powered, Gluten-Free Food Truck: the Tiffin Walla

tiffin3The team behind Vancouver’s beloved Soho Road food truck has launched a second truck this week– the Tiffin Walla– which can be found at Robson Square. serving up more tempting Indian food. And to celebrate there’re offering free samples.

We spoke to Sarb Mund to find out more.

What’s behind the name?

In India, a ‘tiffin walla’ is someone that traditionally would bring the home-made lunch that your wife had cooked for you, to your office in a stainless steel tiffin tin. At the end of day, the Tiffin Walla collects the tin and returns it to your home. We’re bringing a little bit of that culture to downtown Vancouver. Amazing Indian food that you’d eat every day, so it’s very light, and there are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options too.

tiffin2What’s on the menu?

We’ll have a changing menu, but right now we’ve got a spicy channa masala (chickpea curry) on pilaf rice, a delicious vegetarian sabji, and we have a Hyderabadi-style lamb biryani– Hyderabadi is the place in India to get the best kind of biriyani and our chef went there to learn how to make it. It’s incredibly flavourful and the rice comes with chili, cinnamon and cardamon.

Will this truck have a Tandoori oven like Soho Road?

No, everything is on rice, it’s going to be great for gluten-free people. It’ll be a ‘scoop and serve’ for about $6 a meal. This cart has no generator, it’s going to be solar powered. Ideally we’ll get to a point where we serve everything in metal re-useable containers and so it’s zero waste.

tiffin1Could Vancouver support a Tiffin Tin scheme?

We would love to do something which included all the food trucks to really cut back on packaging waste. We’re’re going to work with the Farmers Market Association, who are planning to do a Mason Jar menu over the summer. We’d like to collaborate and maybe get people to start using tiffin tins for their street cart lunches. Coffee shops have managed to work out ‘bring your own cup’ schemes but it hasn’t crossed over to trucks yet. Hopefully soon!

The Tiffin Walla is serving up free samples at lunch time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week at Robson Square.

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