Permanent zip line could be coming to a Vancouver park this spring

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If you weren’t lucky enough to experience the Vancouver zipline that was set up at Queen Elizabeth Park last year, you could be getting another chance to soar high above the trees in one of Vancouver’s popular parks.

Last year’s pilot project in Queen Elizabeth Park gave the people in charge the confidence in permitting a permanent zipline in one of Vancouver’s favourite parks. Which park and what company is still a mystery, but there’s a good chance that it’ll be set up as soon as Spring 2016.

Last year, the Vancouver zipline installed in Queen Elizabeth Park was just a hint at what could be coming. The popular ride hosted more than 23,000 people who zipped over the gardens and trees of the 52-acre park.

The only drawback to last year’s zipline was its relatively short distance. It was also built as more of a temporary attraction that would measure public interest, rather than a permanent fixture in the park. This year, the Vancouver park board is considering a longer and more permanently installed attraction. Zipline operators have put in project proposals to the park board, and a decision should be made fairly soon.

vancouver zipline 2016

Image courtesy of Flightlinez a Greenheart Company |

This year’s selected zipline vendor will be offered a three-year contract with the City of Vancouver to install and operate a zipline, with the possibility of an additional two-year renewal.

There has been no timeline given for when a vendor will be selected, or when the zipline could be up and running. Keep your eyes on the Vancouver Park Board Facebook page for any updates on the future plans.

So, where would you put a Vancouver zipline if you had the chance? Would you leave it where it started, in Queen Elizabeth Park, or would you try and get more creative? Maybe down Burnaby Mountain into the water? Over the lagoon in Stanley Park? Along the Lions Gate Bridge?

Let us know in the comment section below where you think the next Vancouver zipline should be!

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