10 Things to Do with Bored Teenagers this Spring Break

vancouver spring break 2016

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If you’re staying in town, or arriving in Vancouver for the 2016 Vancouver Spring Break, you’re in luck! There’s tons of activities happening around town to keep your young ones entertained.

However, if you’re started to get sick of the phrase “I’m bored”, here are a few ideas to keep even the most cynical teen in your life entertained during the Vancouver Spring Break…

More Expensive Options

Whistler Bungee Vancouver

Image courtesy of Groupon | Flickr.com

1. Bungee Jumping in Whistler

Cowabunga, dude! You can stay nice and safe on the viewing platform as your adrenaline junkie teen plummets to the frozen creek below, only to spring back up unharmed! If you’re feeling extra adventorous, you could join your teen for a tandem jump…

Located just 15 min south of Whistler Village and only an hour drive from West Vancouver, Whistler Bungee is easily accessible just off the Sea to Sky Highway. Open everyday, all year round, Whistler Bungee remains open in all weather conditions.

Bonus: Check out the Train Wreck Whistler outdoor “art gallery” for an extra adventure.

vancouver spring break 2016

2. Check out a World-Class Rugby Game

This weekend in Vancouver, BC Place will be hosting the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series one of the most exciting global sporting events on the market, featuring the dynamism of sevens rugby, paired with a spectacle of entertainment and fan engagement that is second to none.

The Canada Sevens tournament will feature 45 games played over two days – March 12 and 13, 2016. Rugby sevens matches feature two 7-minute halves of play with a 2-minute halftime. Playoff matches feature two 10-minute halves of play with a 2-minute halftime.

Fans will be able to watch the dynamism of sevens rugby paired with a fun, festival experience. For more information and tickets, check out www.bcplace.com

3. Pedal to the metal at TBC Indoor Kart Racing in Richmond

TBC Indoor Kart Racing is super fun for speed-demons of any age.  Racers will experience the exhilaration of driving high-speed karts that can go up to 75km/hr sitting 2 inches from the ground!

The 13-turn road course means the drivers with the most guts and skill will get the fastest times. Competition flies and adrenaline will pump through your system, in ways you didn’t expect from indoor kart racing! TBC occasionally has great coupons and multi-race discounts, so check out their website for more details.

vancouver spring break 2016

Image courtesy of Richmond Extreme Air Park

4. Extreme Air Park in Richmond

Extreme Air Park in Richmond is Canada’s Largest Trampoline Park. They have a massive space with 42,000 sq/ft of enclosed interlocking trampolines with a variety of different activities to choose from.

Whether your teen is interested in dodgeball, basketball or general fitness, the Extreme Air Park caters to anything. There’s also a fun half-pipe feature that gets you bouncing from wall to wall, practicing tricks and moves until you reach the foam pit at the end.

Keep your kids from bouncing off the walls by taking them to literally bounce off the walls!

5. Terrain Park camps at Grouse Mountain

With over 50cm of powder expected over the next few days, local mountains are getting a nice, extra layer to their base. Whether your teen is getting ready to “grind their first rail”, “hit their first jib”, or “land that epic tamedog”, sign them up at Grouse Mountain for a course to hone those vital Freeride skills.

Participants join top instructors as they teach you the necessary skills to ski and ride steep runs, tree lines and terrain parks. The focus is on keeping things safe, and ensuring that students know the techniques and rules to minimize risk. A much more fun alternative to the “pizza” and “hot dog” lessons of the past. There are 4-day and 5-day camps, which will keep kids out of your hair for awhile.

escape rooms vancouver

An example of an escape room in Japan. Photo credit: Lokyanlam6 | Wikimedia Commons

6. Escape room game experience

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of a ticking clock signalling your ultimate destiny in escape a room or not. The escape room game experience is an extremely popular activity in Vancouver. There are tons of rooms available all around the city.

You can try one, or try them all! Make it a challenge to escape at least one this Spring Break, even if it’s just unlocking the door from the bathroom.

Cheaper/Free Options

7. Challenge them to a hike

There’s nothing like fresh air to get your spirits up! Phones are only allowed to capture the beauty of nature (and to post on Snapchat or Instagram later). There are some great winter/spring hikes in Vancouver that don’t require renting snowshoes.

Or, rent a pair of snowshoes for $25+ and take a turn at tackling the Grouse Snowshoe Grind for a fresh air fitness break. Bonus: you’ll get a chance to grab a pound of fries at the end.

frissant vancouver

Image courtesy of Swiss Bakery

8. Try a Frissant

Have a fun, foodie Vancouver Spring Break by trying one of the most unique desserts in the city. The ‘Frissant’, is Vancouver’s answer to the Cronut and was created by the bakery experts at the Swiss Bakery. A local-favourite that was recently rated as one of the top 20 bakeries in Canada.

After over 15 recipes were tested, revamped, and scrapped, a version was finally created in 2013 with a hybrid Fritter + Croissant that features crispiness on the outside and flakey deliciousness of the inside.Fun fact: The entire process of the frissant you’ll be eating takes 3 days from start to your mouth!

Don’t be surprised if there’s a lineup to grab a Frissant, they sometimes sell out by the afternoon!

9. Geocaching

The ultimate scavenger hunt, except you don’t have to do any of the preparation! Geocaching has become increasingly popular in Vancouver and provides a very fun thing to do when you want to spend some time outside. The idea behind Geocaching is to try and find secret “treasures” that other geocachers have left behind in certain locations. Use GPS, hints, and codes to track down fun little treasure chests and leave your name on the list of people who have successfully tracked the geocache down.

If you’re interested in trying it out, check out this helpful “Muggle’s guide to geocaching in Vancouver“.

vancouver police museum

Image courtesy of Kenny Louie | Flickr.com

10. Take them to the morgue

Kids and adults alike will be letting a “woah, cool!” escape from their mouths every once and awhile during a visit to the Vancouver Police Museum. This lesser known museum in Vancouver is actually one of the more fun and interesting learning opportunities in Vancouver.

The Museum is located in a heritage building that was once the Coroner’s Court, the City’s morgue and autopsy facilities, and the City crime laboratory, it now houses over 20,000 artifacts, photos, and archival documents.

Check out the museum to see some of the interesting weapons that have been confiscated by police through the years. Learn more about the Vancouver Police Museum here.

Got any other ideas on what to do this Vancouver Spring Break? Let us know in the comment section below!

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