Tennis Anyone? Vancouver’s Best Outdoor Public Tennis Courts

Discover Outdoors Vancouver Tennis Courts

Vancouver’s Public Tennis Courts Photo: Rob Weiss

It has become a rite of passage.  Annually, when the weather warms up and the sun shines I find myself channeling my inner tennis superstar and venturing deep into the dark recesses of my storage cupboard in search of my trusty racquet.  Yes – I am a “Weekend Warrior.”  The nemesis of the hard-core, fit, well trained tennis player.  With visions of Eugenie Bouchard, Maria Sharapova, and the Williams sisters in my head, I boldly stride out onto the court.  Love all!  I joyfully swing, miss, shank and whiff, thrilled to be outside with a racquet in my hand.  Politely, I apologize to my colleagues on adjoining courts.  “I am a beginner,” I sheepishly confess.  Obviously, this is not breaking news to anyone on the court.

After years of valiantly attempting to improve my game, I have come to the stark realization that I may never play at Wimbledon.  My love of the game continues, but my goals have changed.  My mission has evolved from joining the Women’s Pro Tour to finding the most scenic court in all the land.  Although, clearly biased, I have concluded that Vancouver is the place!  Did you know Vancouver has over 180 tennis courts located in parks throughout the city, including free and paid courts in Stanley Park?

Discover Outdoors Vancouver Tennis Courts5

Stanley Park Tennis Courts Photo: Rob Weiss

Here are a few of my favourite courts:

Stanley Park

Vancouver’s treasured park is home to 21 tennis courts.  During the summer season, six of the courts at the Beach Avenue entrance to Stanley Park are operated as pay courts designated by the Vancouver Parks Board for “Tennis in Stanley Park”.  These gems can be booked in advance by calling “Tennis in Stanley Park” or visiting the Pro shop.  Be sure to inquire about organized play, tournaments and lessons!

Kitsilano Beach Park – “where the tennis is always beautiful.”

Featuring 10 outdoor courts and a practice wall, Kits beach is also home to the Kits Beach Tennis Club.  Established in 2014 the club promotes tennis, community and social activity in one of the city’s most beautiful locations.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Famous for its gardens and the stunning Bloedel Conservatory, Queen Elizabeth Park is also home to 18 outdoor tennis courts.  After your match, take time to explore the park and enjoy spectacular views of the city and North Shore Mountains from the highest point in Vancouver.

Memorial West Park

Originally known as Dunbar Park, Memorial West Park is a delight.  Located on Dunbar Street at West 31st Avenue this neighbourhood park is a wonderful mixture of forested area and active play spaces.  Six tennis courts are nestled amongst the trees.

Discover Outdoors Vancouver Tennis Courts4

Jericho Beach Tennis Courts Photo: Rob Weiss

Jericho Beach Park

Acing a serve while playing at Jericho Beach can be extremely difficult.  Who can focus on their serve with views of the ocean, the sailing club and beaches in the background? There are 4 outdoor courts and a practice wall.

Players are welcome to use Vancouver’s free, public courts on a first come, first serve basis.  Remember, on busy summer days to limit your play to 30 minutes, allowing the next group time to enjoy the court.  New to tennis?  No problem.  The Vancouver Parks Board offers classes for all ages and abilities.  Take a lesson, register for a program or join a drop-in class.

Game. Set. Match.

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