Soar To New Heights On Grouse Mountain’s Skyride Surf Adventure

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain Skyride Surf Adventure | Photo: Grouse Mountain

Thanks to Grouse Mountain’s new Skyride Surf Adventure, thrill-seekers can channel their inner James Bond and soar through the sky while standing on top of the cloud-grazing tram (thankfully, Bond’s tram-top fight sequence is not included).

The Grouse Mountain Skyride, a world-reknowned aerial tramway (the largest of its kind in North America), is introducing a new aeronautical adventure that will have guests flocking in droves to seek the peak in a new and exciting way – from a bird’s perspective.

Here’s what you can expect from this riveting rooftop ride.

Let the adventure begin…

You’ll start by meeting up with your flight guide to learn about the inner workings of the tramway, complete with a behind-the-scenes peek at the mechanics that operate the Skyride. After a quick rundown of the rules, you’ll then pop on your helmet and head up the stairway to the rooftop platform.

Climbing onto the Skyride | Photo: Bianca Bujan

All aboard the Skyride | Photo: Bianca Bujan

Your dazzling departure…

As you stand on the top of the tram and wait for take off, you’ll notice how secure the platform really is, with its sturdy bars safely holding its passengers in place. As the Skyride departs, you’ll float smoothly above the trees, and watch in wonder as the ground below grows smaller, and smaller.

The Journey Begins | Photo: Bianca Bujan

The journey begins | Photo: Bianca Bujan

Soak up the views as you soar through the sky…

As you float higher and higher above the trees, you’ll be treated to the spectacular scenery that sits below. From Vancouver’s vivid city skyline, to the sweeping river and ocean views, to the captivating coastal mountains – a feast for the eyes while you fly through the sky.

Skyride Surf Adventure | Photo: Grouse Mountain

Skyride Surf Adventure | Photo: Grouse Mountain

The view | Photo: Bianca Bujan

The view | Photo: Bianca Bujan

Once you’ve reached the peak…

When you’ve reached your destination, soak up the view once more before descending the stairs to nature’s playground that awaits below. Grouse Mountain’s peak offers a range of plateau activities to fill up your day, and your pass includes an Alpine Experience ticket so your mountaintop adventures are included.

More Info:

– Guests must be 12 years or older to ride the Skyride Surf Adventure
– Tours begin as early as 8am, and only run during morning hour
– Ticket prices range from $50.95 (Child 12+) to $79.95 (Adult) per person
– Tickets include rooftop ride up, return ride down (inside tram), and an Alpine Experience ticket
– Tour will not operate in windy or rainy weather conditions

To learn more and book your adventure, visit: Skyride Surf Adventure

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