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Richmond Nature Park Photo: Rob Weiss

The intersection of Highway 99 and Westminster Highway in Richmond, seems an unlikely place to connect with nature! Jumbo Jets thunder overhead and the roar of traffic is difficult to ignore, yet as I wandered along the Richmond Nature Park trails I quickly found myself leaving the frantic pace of city life behind me.  I was immersed in nature and it felt fantastic!  Surprisingly, many long time residents are unaware that this fabulous 200-acre natural oasis exists on the edge of town.  Strolling along the trails, it didn’t take long to realize that I was exploring a peat bog.  Interested in learning about this unique habitat, I paid a visit to the Nature House.  Interactive displays, and games designed for the younger crowd, told the story of the raised peat bog habitat that historically covered a large portion of Lulu Island.  In fact, 10,000 years ago visitors to the Richmond Nature Park would have been swimming in the Strait of Georgia! Today, the landscape is evolving as Pine and Birch trees begin to transform the bog into forest.

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Pond Trail Photo: Rob Weiss

Personally, the pond trail was my favourite.  I stood quietly for the longest time watching the action.   Created to attract waterfowl, the pond is home to waterfowl who are always on the hunt for a bug or two.  Although, the ducks were entertaining, it was the Dragons and Damsels who played a starring role! I was surprised to discover that thirteen species of dragonflies have been identified at the Richmond Nature Park. As I stood entranced, dragonflies whizzed by head, on the hunt for mosquitos.  Like ballerinas, they appeared to be performing a well rehearsed aerial dance, maneuvering effortlessly through the air.  Fascinated, I watched for several minutes, as they performed their complex routines.  Colourful, delicate and alluring, they stole the show!

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Feeders at Richmond Nature Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Not to be outdone by the dragonflies, numerous bird feeders and bird houses attract both birds and bird-watchers alike.  Avid wildlife photographers sat silently, waiting patiently for that perfect shot! Although for many summer means sun, sand and surf, a visit to the Richmond Nature Park is an ideal late afternoon escape from the heat and an opportunity to experience the bog!  Keep your eyes open for the Damsels – they are ready to welcome you!

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Trail Intersection Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

The Richmond Nature Park is located at 11851 Westminster Highway in Richmond.  Admission is free, and visitors are welcome from 7am to sunset, daily.  The Nature House is open to visitors daily from 9am to 5pm.  The park is an extremely fragile environment; dogs are not permitted on the trails.

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Accessible Trail Photo: Rob Weiss


An elevated boardwalk around the pond is wheelchair accessible.  The remaining trails are soft surfaced, and covered by wood chips.

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