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Cheyenne Mabberley and Katey Hoffman star in The After After Party.

Each year, the Fringe Festival holds over a few of the more than 100 shows featured during the event. This year’s selections for Pick of the Fringe were announced over the weekend. From Sept. 21-25, theatregoers will have a second kick at the can when these six productions come back for one more show at Performance Works (1218 Cartwright St.) on Granville Island. Tickets are $25 online (see below for link) or, if they don’t sell out, at the door.

Charlatan! – Travis Bernhardt, creator of the award-winning magic shows Unpossible! and Lies!, returns to tell fortunes, lift curses, and speak to the dead. Writing in a local weekly, one theatre critic said “Watching Charlatan! is a lot like using a Ouija board when you’re a teenager. Times about 10,000. What he does is jaw-dropping. I have zero idea how he does it.”

And Bella Sang With Us – Set in 1912, And Bella Sang With Us was inspired by Vancouver’s first women police officers. Two constables try to save a young woman from a life on the streets while trying to find their way in a police department driven by men. The Vancouver Courier’s ringing endorsement said the show is “Extremely polished and a decided cut above the usual Fringe fare.”

The After After Party – Cheyenne Mabberley and Katey Hoffman, who also wrote the script, play Jules and Fiona, two drunk and stoned teenagers looking for the after after party. The play “explores the ruthlessness of high school politics, the all-consuming need to be liked, the omnipresent (whatever that is), and above all, friendship. It’s so funny, wrote a local reviewer, that it “will leave you gasping for breath.”

Curious Contagious – A surreal quest into the microscopic innards of a mythical beast is presented through handmade layered projections and an original musical soundtrack.

An image from Curious Contagious.

An image from Curious Contagious.

Sink Or Swim – Local actor Beverley Elliott, who is known by her fans around the world for her recurring role as “Granny” on ABC’s hit series Once Upon a Time, presents a one-woman show of songs and stories.

Carry On: A Musical – Set in the Vancouver International Airport baggage claim, Carry On: A Musical examines the lives of weary wanderers and the baggage they bring with them. Carry On was the winner of Smackdown: The 24 Hour Musical Contest 2015.

Carry On: A Musical is one of this year's Picks of the Fringe, giving theatregoers one last chance to see some of this year's best productions.

Carry On: A Musical is one of this year’s Picks of the Fringe, giving theatregoers one last chance to see some of this year’s best productions.

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