A movie a day – a guide to the last week of this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival

The Handmaiden is one of the highlights of this year's Vancouver International Film Festival.

The Handmaiden is one of the highlights of this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival.

We’re past the halfway point of this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival, which means that movie fans still have a week to catch some of this year’s most buzzed-about films. Here are some of our picks – but act fast, because tickets for most if not all of these are sure to sell out.

Gimme Danger (4:30 p.m., Oct 8 at International Village) – Jim Jarmusch’s documentary love letter about and to one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands ever, the Stooges. Expect many great quotes from maestro Iggy Pop.

The Love Witch (1:30 p.m., Oct 9, Int’l Village) – From a Variety review: “… a lovingly crafted ode to little-loved cinema that’s secure enough in its obscurantist nostalgia to make a sly joke of its occasional anachronisms: no one blinks at the fact that the luridly hued widescreen world of Me Decade duds and dialogue is time-warped now and again by the unexplained phenomena of personal computers, cell phones, and SUVs.”


Anna Biller’s The Love Witch pays tribute to little-loved cinema from the seventies.

I Called Him Morgan (1:45 p.m., Oct. 10, Int’l Village) – Jazz aficionados will be all over this documentary about trumpeter Lee Morgan. But there’s a tragic story and gorgeous period detail and still images to entice people who might not know the jazz musician’s music. As one jazzbo says: “This is where the real cats are.”

American Honey (12:30 p.m., Oct 12, SFU-GCA) – This 2016 British-American road film has been collecting great reviews all over the place. It stars a cast of mostly unknowns, and Shia LaBeouf.

Personal Shopper (6:30 p.m., Oct 13, Rio Theatre, 1660 E. Broadway) – Oliver Assayas’ latest psychological thriller stars Kristen Stewart (Twilight).

For more full schedule and tickets visit viff.org.

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