Birds of a Feather – Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Nov 19 – 20


Photo: Rob Weiss

From my first sighting, I have been fascinated with Bald Eagles.  I am inexplicably drawn to the sight and sound of these majestic Raptors.  Their calls stir something in my heart and the sight of them catching an updraft and soaring simply mesmerizes me.  To my great delight, my love for Eagles is a shared passion and this November 19 – 20, eagle enthusiasts and aficionados from around the world will be congregating in the Fraser Valley to share their passion.  It’s time for the 21st Annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, celebrating the Season of the Eagles and Salmon.  This is the lower mainland’s fastest growing festival and home to the largest recorded number of eagles in an area that is only 2 square kilometres in size.


Photo: Rob Weiss

How many eagles, you ask?  During the salmon run, which I affectionately think of as a smorgasbord for eagles, thousands of birds are attracted to the area.  In 2010, avid birders counted 7,362 bald eagles over a 2 km stretch of the Harrison River.  Birds of a feather definitely flock together, and it is a sight to be seen!


Photo: Rob Weiss

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is a unique celebration showcasing the beauty and biodiversity of the Fraser River Valley.  Numerous venues from Mission to Harrison Mills offer world class eagle viewing opportunities, environmental presentations, artistic displays and hands on activities and entertainment.  From jet boat tours and kayak day trips to expert speaker presentations and naturalist led walking tours the festival offers something for everyone.


Photo: Rob Weiss

Of course, with increased human attention and pressures on sensitive ecosystems, concerns have been raised about protecting the Harrison Mills area, specifically the Chehalis Flats.  Clearly, we do not want to love the salmon and eagles to death!  In response to concerns raised about the human impact on the birds, salmon and habit, the Chehalis Flats Bald Eagle and Salmon Preserve has been defined.  It is described as both an area and a season. Its educational mandate is designed to honour the eagles and protect this amazing wildlife resource.


Photo: Rob Weiss

For complete festival details visit the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival website.

Interested in Eagle viewing closer to home?  Set your sights on the Reifel Bird Sanctuary or Mud Bay Park.

Prefer to watch the action from the comfort of your living room?  Thanks to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, we have access to numerous live streaming wildlife eagle videos.

Do you have a favourite Eagle viewing location you would like to share?

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