Snow Days in Vancouver

Light Walk at Grouse Mountain Photo: Rob Weiss

SNOW.  Unlike our friendly neighbours to the east, snow in Vancouver is an anomaly, a rare occurrence to be treasured and enjoyed.  Although for many commuters, the mention of flakes in the forecast stirs up feelings of fear and dread, I find myself thrilled at the prospect.  Thoughts of the fluffy white stuff touch the prairie girl deep inside me, bringing back fond childhood memories of tobogganing, skating, snowball fights and snowmen.  Like frosting on a cake, a touch of snow brings a sort of seasonal flavouring to our majestic city. From the Peak of Christmas to the Robson Square Ice Rink, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Vancouver.

Skate Pond – Grouse Mountain Photo: Rob Weiss

Despite our traffic snarl-ups and airport delays, snow brings out the best in us.  Enthusiastically, we gather our mitts, toques and scarves and wonder why we didn’t install our snow tires sooner. Neighbours come together to shovel, children unite to build and construct elaborate snow structures and lovers share quiet moments under the lights.  I often wonder, what is about snow that is so fascinating and brings out such excitement and sentimentalism?  We run to our windows, shrieking with glee, “It’s snowing!”  It feels as though magic is in the air.

West Coast Snowman Photo: Rob Weiss

Like a coat of paint, a blanket of fresh, white snow rejuvenates neighbourhoods.  Magically, Mother Nature’s paintbrush transforms the familiar, creating a winter wonderland.  Personally, as much as I enjoy the bright city Christmas lights and the hustle and bustle of downtown, it is the quiet, evening walks in the snow that thrill me.  There is a stillness in the crisp, cold air and the sound of snow crunching underfoot satisfies.  Like the young boy in Chris Van Allsburg’s novel, Polar Express, the snowfall reminds me that I believe.

Photo: Rob Weiss

…and yes, I am dreaming of a White Christmas!  Are you?

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