Gallop Into Some Beautiful Escapism at Odysseo (with a Holiday Discount)

Yes, this happens. | photo: Jak Wonderly

Majestic is a strong word, but when you watch a beautifully choreographed scene of acrobats, galloping horses, and flowing colourful fabrics all splashing delicately through an on-stage lake as live music plays dramatically, well, just try and find a word that is more apt.

Just a reminder – this is on a stage. It’s not outside. | photo: Phil Crozier

Let’s face it, 2016 has been a difficult year, a need for a bit of escapism is warranted. Watching a bunch pretty horses (65 of them! I’ll get back to this) dance along with people in decadent costumes in a warmly heated tent in the middle of the winter while you sip wine and clap emphatically over the nearly absurd beauty of it all is exactly what you probably need right now.

Let’s talk about those 65 horses mentioned above. The stage is huge – the same size as an NFL football field, but because of the stage design, lights, and just sheer scale of the production, it’s easy to forget just how big it is. When you see the sweeping landscapes created, it feels like you are immersed in something otherworldly that goes from forest to rolling hillsides to American Southwest, to African savanna, and up to outer space. Yes, outer space. This is the show to lose yourself in. There’s still art and beauty in the world, and this is the show to help you remember that.

Look at this. It’s even prettier in person.  | photo: Dan Harper

Even better: Use the code MAGICAL here over the holidays to get 10% off your ticket price. (Hello, very last minute gift idea!)

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