Watch Canadian 2016 Olympic Bronze Soccer Medalists play Mexico this February & Enter to Win!

For the first time since winning their 2016 Bronze Olympic Medals in Rio, Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team is back on their home soil on Saturday February 4th! With over 5,000 tickets already sold during the group pre-sale window there are still tickets as low as $20, but comment on this post and you could win a pair of tickets, along with scarves and t-shirts to wear to the game.

Being on the podium in Rio last summer for soccer was a triumph for the women’s team, particularly since it had been over a century since the cleats of Canadian women had made the climb. Canada is back on the winning scene, and they are stoked to be home. “Playing at home is incredibly important to us and we are looking forward to sharing this moment with our family – our fans – who have been with us all along this journey,” said Captain Christine Sinclair, “bringing home this bronze medal and sharing it with the people who believed in us and helped us believe in ourselves means a lot.”

Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team Captain, Christine Sinclair

The team will be playing Mexico at BC Place Stadium this Saturday February 4th, 2017. The last time Canada played Mexico, our Canadian team won 3-0, so you’d better bet that Mexico is ready to give them a run for it!

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This just in! (Edited January 12, 2017): In collaboration with the Tourism Vancouver, Canada Soccer is pleased to offer you a special ticket offer for this Bronze Medal Celebration match featuring a 30% discount off regularly priced tickets.

To access this offer, use code BRONZE on the official Ticketmaster event page:


Comment on this post by 12:00 p.m. Monday January 16th, 2017 and be automatically entered to win:

  • Tickets to the Canadian Women’s National Team vs Mexico match on Saturday, February 4th at BC Place
  • Canada Soccer scarves
  • Canada Soccer back-to-back celebration T-shirt

We’ll contact the winners by email. Good luck!

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96 Responses to Watch Canadian 2016 Olympic Bronze Soccer Medalists play Mexico this February & Enter to Win!

  1. Hadley

    Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick me! I wanna go!

    • Nicole prosser

      Yyyyyes puhlease!!!!! :)

  2. Judy Griffiths

    Oh wow..this would be fantastic.. Some of the ladies I met a few years back when they were staying where I worked..Love to watch them again!

  3. M. Hudson

    Go Canada Go!

  4. Donna S

    The ladies represent so well!!
    Go CANADA Go.

  5. I had the opportunity to meet Christine Sinclair while volunteering at a charity luncheon she was speaking at in the fall. She is such a lovely and humble human being. I have mad respect for her. So proud of everything she and the womens’ national team have accomplished together. I fell in love with our team during the 2012 Olympics qualifier. I am a fan for life!

  6. Tatiana

    Best team in all Canada! Go! Go!

  7. maria

    Go Team Canada!!!

  8. Liz

    Go Canada Go!

  9. Elizabeth

    Go Canada Go. Those ladies are plying awesome. They’re a great team and it would be amazing to see them play.

  10. Tina


  11. Tanyia


  12. CONNIE

    Would love to go back to Canada and watch the Canada vs Mexico game.
    I watched the World Cup final and had a great time.
    The Canadian women rock!!!!

  13. kevin

    Go Canada. Let’s Go.

  14. Julia Bradshaw

    So awesome to see Canada’s women excelling in soccer!

    Go Canada Go!

  15. ted

    They are the best soccer team ever to represent Canada.

  16. Oree

    My husband is an avid soccer player and fan, I would love to surprise him with the tickets for this game, Thanks for the chance,

  17. Sandra

    So proud of these fine athletes… an inspiration to all Canadians. GO CANADA!!!

  18. Sarah

    So excited for this! I can’t wait to watch some awesome soccer!!

  19. Tracey C

    Excited to cheer on the Canadian Ladies on the pitch!
    Would love to see the match in person :)

  20. Lisa

    Yea, Canada!

  21. Lina

    Go Canada!!

  22. jane james

    I would love to see the ladies soccer team in Vancouver.

  23. Krista

    This will be a great game to be watching live:) i hope to win

  24. jane

    I watched them win their bronze medal at the London Olympic games in 2012 and also saw them play here at the World Cup, would love to see them score again!

  25. Leslie Calder

    GO CANADIAN WOMEN GO!!! I’d love to be able to show my love & support for this team at the match!

  26. A. Khimji

    I know a youngster who would love to go to the game.

  27. Sonya


  28. dg van arsdale

    I would much rather watch women’s soccer than the lazy selfish uncooperative male version.
    Pick me please!

  29. Archie Pell

    What the up-coming talented players, Canada’s Women should be in the medals for years to come

  30. Would love to take my son, who’s an avid soocer player / fan…to see these fantastic women play!

  31. Lynda

    Go Canada Go!!!

  32. Edith Rennes

    Oh my gosh, I would love to see the Canadian Women’s Team play and get to cheer them on.

  33. This would be an awesome opportunity for my daughters.
    I am wishing myself luck!

  34. Dave

    Will be in Vancouver that weekend and would love to see the game live.

  35. Sa ndra Smith

    Isn’t it awesome that we get to see sports at this caliber in our own city? Isn’t it great that it includes women! Now we just need to fill the place up and show our support. Go Canada!

  36. Antonia

    It sounds like a great prize to share with my kids! Good Luck everyone! Canada rocks!!

  37. maureen

    wow for women in Canadian sports

  38. Emma

    My family would LOVE to win these tickets, thank you for the opportunity!!!

  39. Nastassia ljungh

    I would love to go cheer on the ladies!! I went to the world Women’s Hockey last year In kamloops! Now for one more women proud woman entertainment

  40. Thane Butt

    What an amazing retirement gift this would be! Canadian women rule!

  41. Heather

    I saw some of the Canadian Team’s games during the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Vancouver, a great experience. Would love to see more of these awesome women!

    Go Canada!

  42. Rob Thomson

    Go ladies go! We are so proud of you because you demonstrate what sport is all about: perseverance, spirit and endeavour.

  43. Jrnahidi

    Soccer fans/family would love to be there and cheer!

  44. Gloria

    Would love to win!

  45. Leanne S

    These women are awesome – I’d love to go and support them.

  46. Carla Frost

    Fanatstic prize I would love to see and support the women’s Canadian soccer team!! Yeah, go team Canada!!!

  47. Wayne

    The women’s soccer team is the greatest show on earth! Would love to attend another one of their games!

  48. Glen

    Canada’s woman’s soccer team, class act through and through. Very proud to be a Canadian watching them play!.

  49. Walt

    Would love to see Canada Women’s Soccer Team!

  50. Munish

    looks like jaguaar

  51. Gurinder Johal

    My daughter would be overjoyed!! Go Canada

  52. Patricia

    I have a young woman, homestay from Brazil that week and it would be awesome to have tickets for her. Thanks a bunch

  53. Ken

    You go girls!!

  54. Stephanie Jensen

    This would be amazing for my daughters 13th birthday!

  55. Oscar

    Go Mexico!!! And go Canada, too! I just want to watch a fun game.

  56. Perry

    This amazing team who has inspired us and made us so proud of them and being Canadian time and again, and to their amazing captain, may they have their best game yet. May all their hard work and preparation pay off. May they leave nothing on the field and against the odds accomplish yet another miracle. Go Canada!

  57. Debra Sullivan

    My friend Brian plays soccer, he was in the Special Olympics. He would love tickets, I will drive him. He is incredibly nice and this would make a very happy day for him. Thank you to the team and everyone, for representing our country, we did not miss a minute of 2016. Sincerely, D. Sullivan and friend Brian Lee.

  58. Debra

    What great ambassadors for Canada. You Go Girls!

  59. Jasmina Stipancik

    Yes please!!

  60. Sonja S

    I would love to win so that my stepson can see this match!

  61. Betty

    I would love to see Canada Women’s soccer team in game against Mexico. Go Canada Go!!

  62. Jason

    Great contest to see Team Canada play for the first time live.

  63. We are all so proud of our women’s team! I would love to bring my soccer fan daughter to the game :) Go women!!!

  64. Meredith McLeod

    Saw the Canada Women’s soccer team play international level soccer in Vancouver and I will never forget the excitement I felt!

  65. You ladies are amazing and extraordinary role models. Keep up the hard work and represent Canada!

  66. Laura Barrera

    Me!!! Me!!! I want to go ❤ Canada (^.^)

  67. Stephanie Ng

    Would be so exciting to see the women! I’ve never been to a soccer game before.

  68. Ming Kwang

    My friend’s kid plays soccer. Hope to win to inspire her!

  69. Sheryl Stewart

    Go Ladies GO! Best soccer to watch are the women!!!

  70. Eric Kalnins

    Would love to bring my soccer loving 11 year old daughter to this – as one of the teams coaches all our girls look up to the Canadian Women’s team for inspiration that Canadian girls rock at soccer!

  71. Rosa

    Would love chance to see Team Canada play~!

  72. Patti

    Canada’s women’s soccer team is so inspirational to the young women across the country! They are all such amazing young women, but especially LOVE Cristine Sinclair; wow! Good luck to them (they better win against Mexico!).

  73. Angela


  74. Trevor

    With glowing hearts!

  75. Rebecca

    Yay Team Canada!!

  76. Vanessa

    WooHoo! Go Team Canada!

  77. Usha

    I love watching soccer, Go Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️


    What an honour it would be to see Canada’s Women’s Soccer National Team. They are proud Canadians and all the players have such h heart.

  79. Marisa. P

    This would be awesome! Thank you!

  80. Kim P

    So Proud of our Women’s National Soccer Team. Would love to take my daughter to see this great match!!

  81. Chris

    Sounds like a great dad-daughter day out.

  82. Ming

    Go CanadaGo ⚽

  83. steve

    go Canada go!

  84. Mary

    Looking forward to this game, should be a great one. Go Canada Go.

  85. Randy Fred

    Christine and her team are awesome. It would be an honour to be at one of their games.

  86. Fabiola

    Grandpa & granddaughter date! This would be an amazing gift to be able to to together!!! Train together, watch together
    Let’s hope we win!!

  87. This would be amazing! I have never seen any game at bc place!

  88. Tatiana

    Best sports team in Canada!

  89. Gwen Adams

    I watch the Canada’s World Woman’s Soccer Team on TV ~ I’m an elder & would love watch Canada vs Mexico at the BC Place Stadium Feb 4\17 ~~go Canada go !

  90. Joseph Cuenca

    GO CANADA 🇨🇦 GO!

  91. Janice pierce

    Pick me that would be so awesome!

  92. Darren Brereton


  93. Todd Wiseman

    Let’s goooooo!!!

  94. Claudia

    Viva el soccer!

  95. Sandra

    Would love to see this amazing soccer team!