Your Guide to Healthy Cooking Classes in Vancouver

Photo: Rooted Nutrition

January is going to be over before we know it and it’s time to get moving on those resolutions! I don’t know about you, but I’d really love to step up my cooking game in 2017; eating a little healthier couldn’t hurt either. Vancouver has a ton of healthy options for dining out, but if you’re feeling like enjoying a night in, why not attempt those dishes yourself!? Cooking classes are an awesome way to learn new cooking skills, an adorable date idea, an opportunity to meet some cool locals, and an all around great experience. Let’s do this together, Vancouver! Here are some of the best healthy cooking classes Vancouver has to offer to get the ball rolling on some of those resolutions: 

Rooted Nutrition

Photo: Rooted Nutrition

Rooted Nutrition is located at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is bursting with incredible classes to take. Their “Cook Once Eat Healthy All Week” class filled up instantly, so they added another one on February 22nd! In this class you’ll learn how to prep for an entire week of healthy eating AND you walk away with the meal plan. Some other classes you’ll definitely want to check out are: Nut-Based Cheese-Making, Anti-Inflammatory Eating, a special Kombucha Workshop, Plant-Based Baking, and so much more. I have a feeling you’ll be spending some serious time here in 2017, I know I will. 

The Dirty Apron

If you haven’t been here, I highly suggest you go as soon as possible. The Dirty Apron offers cooking classes, take-out meals, sandwiches, groceries, catering, and more! Basically, if you’re a lover of food, you will also be a lover of The Dirty Apron. They have a number of upcoming classes that will fit right in with a healthy lifestyle, for example: Food, Fitness & Flavour, The Art of Fuelling Your Body Without Offending Your Taste Buds. They have a wonderful, upbeat environment, nothing but helpful tips and tricks to learn, and endless food-related wisdom to impart to their students. 

The Gourmet Warehouse 

Photo: The Gourmet Warehouse

Here you will find a collection of great cooking classes to choose from, along with everything you might need or want for your kitchen for sale! You will have a total blast here learning about new and cool ways to get creative in your kitchen. Ever wanted to try cooking pho, Thai food, or sushi? You can learn here! On top of those classes you’ll also find vegetarian and gluten free classes to suit your dietary restrictions. They have a wide variety of cuisines for you to try your hand at. You will love The Gourmet Warehouse, and your dinner guests will too! 

The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts


If you want to learn to cook, you might as well go to the experts! Their professional Chef instructors will teach you everything you need to know to become a wiz in the kitchen. Their upcoming classes include: Morocco, West Coast Sustainable Seafood, and Latin America. Learn how to cook dishes you never imagined you could, have laughs and mingle with fellow rookie chefs, and learn how to up your cooking game in no time! 

I can’t wait to dive headfirst into the culinary world at these fine establishments, and I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same! Happy cooking (and eating), Vancouver! 

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