Kids In Vancouver: 3 Reasons To See Dream Big: Engineering Our World

When I was invited to see a preview of the latest IMAX movie, Dream Big: Engineering Our World, I was weary of the subject matter. I didn’t think I’d be able to sit through 45 minutes of what I thought would be a documentary about engineering – exploring the technical ins and outs of some of our world’s buildings and bridges doused in enough mathematical and scientific jargon to put me to sleep. But I was so very wrong. Not only did I love every moment of the film, but I left with tears in my eyes and an overwhelming desire to tell everyone I know to see the latest OMNIMAX release at Science World.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to grab your kids and head to Science World to see this heartwarming, tear-jerking, action-packed film – about the exciting world of engineering.

Girls crossing the Chameau Bridge in Haiti | Photo:

1) The heartwarming stories.

The story that resonated with me the most was that of a young female engineer, Avery Bang, who decided to forego a successful and high-paying engineering career to build much-needed bridges in 3rd world countries – connecting people with new opportunities through innovative and thought-provoking ideas. Her heartwarming story pulls at your heartstrings and teaches viewers that engineering can be a daring, idealistic, and world-changing adventure.

The Great Wall of China | Photo:

2) The surprising facts behind the world’s most well-known structures.

The Great Wall of China has been a carefully-studied structure since it was first erected in the third century B.C. to protect the Chinese States from raids and invasions. Since then, the wall has been rebuilt, enhanced and maintained in an attempt to keep its original form. While some parts of the structure have completely disintegrated, there are sections that have stood the test of time. A curious British structural engineer, Steve Burrows, set out to discover what it was that kept those stronger sections of the wall together for so long – and you’ll be shocked to hear what surprising material was used as a structural adhesive! Hint: it’s something that can be found in most of our pantries.

“Stinky” The Robot | Photo:

3) The story behind “Stinky” the underwater robot.

“For me, this story was the ultimate find for Dream Big,” said Director Greg MacGillivray. “It’s a heartfelt story that echoes David vs. Goliath–where you have these very resourceful children from impoverished backgrounds and a then-unknown school taking on some of the richest and most sophisticated schools in the country, with surprising results.”

With limited funds and minimal resources, the true story behind a group of eager students, including Angelica Hernandez, whose skill and determination thrust them into the spotlight after a tumultuous road, will give you goosebumps. This story epitomizes the theme of the film: that if you dream big, you can change the world. Want to know how “Stinky” the underwater robot got its name? You’ll have to see the film to find out!

Watch the official IMAX trailer here:

You can catch Dream Big at Science World’s OMNIMAX Theatre from now until April 17th.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World
OMNIMAX Theatre, Science World
March 4 – April 17, 2017
Duration: 45 minutes
Showtimes & Tickets

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