Mr/Ms Cobalt’s Sixth Year of East Van Drag: April-May, 2017

Peach and Isolde | Photo courtesy of Mikul Culvez Photography

By Maiden China

The revivification of Vancouver’s drag scene is owed in overwhelming part to the tireless efforts of the scintillating Queen of East Van, Isolde N. Barron, and her wife/husband the incomparably loving and sweaty community leader, Peach Cobblah. This power couple is responsible for such shows as Apocalypstick, Queerbash, The Gay Agenda, and Hustla, creating safe and queer spaces in East Van for those under the LGBTQ2+ spectrum who don’t feel quite at home in the West End.

For six years now, Isolde has judged the Mr/Ms Cobalt in order to showcase the myriad talents of Vancouver’s drag Queens, Kings, and Things, and in the process, has created and fostered a thriving community of queer performers outside the bounds of the West End. 2012 crowned Lady Jem as the very first Mr/Ms, 2013 saw the rise of Tranapus Rex, 2014 got sickening with Valynne Vile, 2015 got gender f*cked with Rose Butch, and Grimm continued to smash the patriarchy in 2016. With talent this big, the bar is virtually in outer space at this point, but the legacy must continue – who’s it gonna be in 2017?

The competition will be hosted by Peach, and will feature the effervescent patriarchy immolator Mr/Ms Cobalt 2016 winner Grimm as an honoured judge! You’ll have to come to the Cobalt to find out who the two extra special guest judges will be each night, even I don’t know and I’m competing in the damned thing!

South East | Photo by Chris Reed @taketimeoff

This year the Cobalt will host the greatest number of performers the stage has seen since the competition’s inception. Yep, you heard correct, there are 19 flavours of sparkly gender bent goodness to satisfy your every craving – new, seasoned, femme, masc, and everything in between! Because of the large number of contestants, the preliminary rounds will be split across two nights, followed by the semi-final on April 26th, and the Finale on May 5th with DJ Jef Leppard.

Gluttony | Photo by Chris Reed @taketimeoff

The winner of Mr/Ms will receive a cash prize of $500 and numerous bookings throughout the city, and most importantly will hold the honour and social responsibility of representing the best that the East Van queer community has to offer. Mr/Ms Cobalt is a title given to the performer who can move an audience, but who also moves about the community to help foster creative, welcoming, and vibrant artistic spaces for all people, queer or otherwise. Part of the judging is done by audience participation, so make sure to come out and support the artists in your community.

You can catch me, Maiden China, along with Gluttony, Anna May Metric, Molly Poppinz, Beth Amphetamine, South East, Owen, Boy Troye, Dee Blew, and Sherrie Blossem on April 12th for the first round of competition.

Maiden China | Photo courtesy of RDM Photography

On April 19th you can catch Dust, Cashmere, Karmella Barr, S-Stud Her, Anne Zyetty, Salem Witchburn, That Syren Goddess, Rogue, and Femanáde for the second preliminary round.

Rogue | Photo courtesy of RDM Photography

Come see some drag, help crown a winner, and get real saucy in your favourite East Van homo hub, the Cobalt!

What: The 6th annual Mr/Ms Cobalt competition 2017!
Where: The Cobalt, 917 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
When: Doors @ 8pm every night:
Preliminary Rounds: Wednesday, April 12th / Wednesday, April 19th
Semi-final: Wednesday, April 26th
Grand Finale: Friday, May 5th
Why: Because what could be better than 19 Queens shaking, sweating, and vying for the title of Mr/Ms Cobalt 2017, a cash prize of $500, and endless bookings throughout our fair city representing the best of East Van’s gender-bent creatures.

Maiden China is a queer, second-generation POC who navigates the hyphen of mixed ethnicity LGBTQ2+ living in Vancouver. Kendell has a penchant for drag Queens and Kings that borders on obsession, and he favours events that encourage free expression, inclusivity, and love in all flavours.

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