Video: Happy Pride, Vancouver!

Carlotta Gurl - Happy Pride Vancouver

Wishing all of our city’s residents as well as each and every visitor to it a joyous, reflective, and safe Pride this weekend.

Vancouverites in this video:

Carlotta Gurl
Danny Ramadan, author of The Clothesline Swing
Angus Praught and Daichan Nakagawa, Travel Marketing
Tyler Alan Jacobs, TAJ House of Talents
Orene Askew, DJ O Show
Jen Sungshine, Love Intersections

We would like to celebrate our progress while also recognizing the work that still needs to be done to ensure equal safety, acceptance, and happiness for everyone.

See a list of Vancouver Pride 2017 events here.

The Dyke March is on this Saturday August 5, learn more here.

The spirit of inclusivity continues next week as well with Out On Screen’s Vancouver Queer Film Festival! Have a look at some of the family friendly events, and the full list of events here.

Want to join us at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival next summer? We are giving away a 10-day getaway to the 2018 festival – enter to win here!


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