4 Thirst Quenching Reasons to Start and End Your Day in Yaletown

Image: TEAJA Tea

Vancouver is full of amazing neighbourhoods; each with a unique flair. The historical Yaletown area’s attraction comes from its industrial brick buildings and trendy shops and restaurants. There’s also a multitude of fitness and wellness options available. But what I especially love about Yaletown is that it’s the best place to start and wind down your summer day in the city – with a refreshing beverage enjoyed while people watching on a patio!

affogato Vancouver

Have a refreshing affogato in Vancouver. | Image: Caffe Artigiano


Are you one of those people who doesn’t feel human until they’ve had their java fix? Vancouver is well known for its coffee culture and Yaletown has a lot and some of the best spots for your morning dark roast and afternoon iced coffee (or affogato!) Here are some local spots that you will love:


Image: Cha Le Tea


Personally, my morning elixir is tea. All the coffee shops have excellent selections of their own teas, but there are three shops in Yaletown that are all tea, all the time. If you’re wanting something especially refreshing, berry flavoured teas make perfect iced teas! I’ve also become fond of iced tea lattes sweetened with honey.

Image: The Juice Truck


Whether you want to start your day with healthy kick, replenish after experiencing the city’s nightlife. or fuel up after cycling or walking around the city, Yaletown’s juice and smoothie bars are where it’s at. A green juice or smoothie is the perfect antidote and will make you feel amazing.


Image: Blue Water Cafe


You were hoping this would be part of this list, weren’t you? I would not leave you hanging. It is patio season, after all! All of Yaletown’s restaurants have great urban patio seating (some on the roof!), and they all have happy hour (usually 3-5 ish pm). A Negroni, glass of Rosé, pint of beer or a margarita on the rocks can’t be beaten after a day exploring in the city sunshine.


Click here for more restaurants and bars to quench your thirst at!

P.S. A reminder to also drink water. Lots of water. Stay hydrated in the heat!

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