Super Canadian Comfort Foods and Where You Can Eat Them

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Food is one of the best ways to experience a city, especially in Vancouver! Whether you join a Vancouver Foodie Tour or a do-it-yourself foodie tour, tasting the local cuisine is a great way to get insight on culture and history while satisfying your stomach at the same time! While you’re roaming the streets of Vancouver, BC, here are a few super Canadian foods and where to find them.


If you’re searching for Canada’s most famous dish, you won’t have to look far. Almost every bar or pub menu will have some rendition of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy, but a few show stoppers poutines come from Edible Canada on Granville Island (Bison Poutine), Six Acres in Gastown (a Beer-Gravy Poutine) and The Oakwood (a Glazed Brisket Poutine)! Best enjoyed with a cold craft beer.


The Caesar is a Canadian original – a spicy, savoury, boozy cocktail, traditionally made with vodka, clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. It’s one that might make you sputter, but locals love to enjoy their Caesars in the mornings, most often during weekend brunch. Like any good cocktail, it’s about flavour and garnish, so you can test the entire spectrum with an oyster-topped Caesar at Fanny Bay Oyster Bar, the cheese-burger embellished Caesar at The Score, or the Maple Bacon Caesar at Edible Canada!


Seafood is the most sought-after food in Vancouver, and within that, salmon tops the list. Locals eat it every way – when it’s smoked, it’s delicious on a Siegel’s Bagel. When it’s candied, you can eat it like a snack from Seafood City on Granville Island. For a Japanese spin, the Salmon Oshi at Miku Restaurant or the Salmon Cheeks at Kingyo Izakaya can’t be beat. For a glistening salmon filet, Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar is the place to be.

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How did a Japanese hot dog cart become the pride of Vancouver? One street food entrepreneur used an innovative recipe to become a living legend! Celebrities and foodies from all over world have come to taste Japadog’s funky gourmet hot dogs. You’ll find Japadog’s carts, shops, and food truck around the city and you’ve got to the Kurobuta Terimayo – a Berkshire hot dog topped with Japanese mayo, fried onions, dried seaweed and teriyaki sauce!

Maple everything

A Canadian list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of maple syrup. You can stockpile bottles of syrup at the airport, but while you’re in the city, look for maple items on the menu (it’s way more common as an ingredient)! The Maple Glazed Donuts at Lee’s Donuts are divine, while the Granville Island Brewery’s Maple Cream Ale is a malty beer that you’ll find on tap.


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