The wizard-themed beer festival we didn’t know we were waiting for is coming to Vancouver

Wizard beer festival vancouver

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Have you always wanted to enjoy a “butterbeer” alongside other fans of magic and mystery?

This February, Vancouver will be host to the first annual Wizard’s Beer Festival in the city. Tickets were just released for those who are interested in stepping into a mysterious and magical wizarding world… with alcohol!

On Sunday, February 16, 2020, a secret location in Vancouver will be transformed into something straight out of a Harry Potter novel, with a few subtle differences.

The Wizard’s Beer Festival is the first of its kind in Vancouver and will include a variety of magical onsite entertainment. A little more lively than the feasts in the great hall, the event will feature local DJs, tarot card readers, wand and potion making classes and dry ice to set the mood.

wizard beer festival vancouver

Image courtesy of Wizard’s Beer Festival

Tickets for the event just went on sale and are limited – so if this sounds like an incredible event for you, make sure to buy a ticket soon to avoid disappointment.

To enter the magical world of wizardry and wicked drinks, tickets cost $45 each and include a 12oz welcome beer and five tokens that will give you access to various beer and activity stations.

This festival is sure to offer plenty of magic, making it the perfect night out with your friends!

Important: Make sure you look the part! Don’t forget to don your robes and gowns, as appropriate wizard attire is 100% encouraged and plenty of opportunities will be available to win some magical items of your own! This festival is created for fantasy and magic lovers, a mystical place where your imagination can roam free.

Vancouver Wizard’s Beer Festival Details

When: February 16, 2020

Where: TBA

Price: $45 (+tax)

More info: Eventbrite page

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