Learn a New Skill with These Online Classes and Books from Vancouver

There is a wealth of knowledge and skills here in Vancouver, and so many who are willing to share! While you may not be able to get to a class in-person, there are many ways to learn something new from the folks here while you are self-isolating.

Learn to Knit

Spend some time in the sunshine of your balcony, window, or less-populated city park putting together your first scarf. By the time the weather cools enough to use a scarf again, hopefully this will all be a memory. Sign up for an online beginner’s course with Baad Anna’s or try on your own with tutorials from Tin Can Knits.

Learn to Dance

Get ready for video dance parties or to break out the moves once we can be near each other again! Harbour Dance Centre has a series of free online classes from hip hop to jazz to beginner ballet. If you’re up for a live (online) dance session, check out Formation Studio.

Learn to Play the Ukulele

Now’s the time to keep upbeat with some plinky little jams on a tiny cheerful instrument. Here’s a 10-week course to get you going.

Learn to Cook

Vancouver restaurants have teamed up to provide a book of some of their best recipes, Vancouver Eats: Signature Recipes from the City’s Best Restaurants. Best way to find it? Google map your nearest independent book store – most of them are taking orders for pick-up and delivery, and could definitely use your support right now.

Learn a Language

Ready to finally pick up where you left off in grade 9 with French? Or maybe prep for a future vacation somewhere, at some point? The Vancouver Public Library has online resources for online learning and UBC has online classes.

Learn to Make Plant-Based Cheese

What? Cheese without the cow, goat, or sheep? For sure! Learn how to culture plant-based cheeses with nuts of all kinds with this book from local shop, Blue Heron on Main street.

Learn to Laugh

Is it the best medicine? Maybe not the best for everything, but it’s up there as being pretty good anyways. Learn to laugh a little with this class from the Centre for Mindfulness.

For Kids: Learn to Keep Engaged and Active

Have some kids and a bit of space? Happy Feet Vancouver, who run soccer classes for young children, is offering online classes to keep kids active and engaged indoors.

None of these for you? Here’s some instructional videos from elsewhere on how to change a flat tire, how to survive a shark attack, and how to unclog your kitchen sink. 


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