Swap, Jam and Shop at Vinyl, Art and Leisure in Vancouver

Photo credit: Chase Porter

Photo: Chase Porter

By: Jessica Linnay

In days mostly gone by, the record store was a world revolving on its own: secrets were swapped about samples, album drops anticipated by faithful fans who stood by with sweaty bills always ready in their palms, hours upon hours were spent flipping fingers over the tops of record covers, digging through crates like they contained the Holy Grail – sometimes, they did.

Vinyl, Art and Leisure attempts to revive some of this fading vibe; the pop up record shop and listening party pairs the sociable and passionate aspects of music store culture in the first event of its kind in the city. The night includes an art show inspired by album art, record swapping, DJs on decks, affordable drinks, and vinyl vendors selling everything from “pricey rare editions to fun freebies”.

Photo: Chase Porter

Photo: Chase Porter

“Vinyl records are social – just a step behind live music. Vinyl, Art and Leisure is meant to celebrate that.” said Robert Privett, who hosts the event and also serves as organizer of both the annual Main Street Vinyl Record Fair and Vancouver’s Vinyl Record Donation Program.

Following an initial launch party in February, Vinyl, Art and Leisure officially drops the needle on March 31 and again each month with a fresh set of turntablists, vendors, and stock up for gabs and grabs. Vinyl lovers and collectors alike are encouraged to bring extra or unwanted albums to swap and trade, as well as shop the thousands of record selections available for purchase.

Photo: Chase Porter

Photo: Chase Porter

Representatives from the Vinyl Record Donation Program will also be onsite with an assortment of vinyl for sale; since 2013, the program has raised over $8,000 for local music-related and youth-oriented non-profits  including Girls Rock Camp Vancouver, the Safe Amplification Site Society and CiTR Radio 101.9FM.

Oh, and like admittance to a record store: entry to Vinyl, Art and Leisure is free.

Vinyl, Art and Leisure happens on March 31 in the newly rebranded Vancouver Art & Leisure gallery, GALLERY 1965 (1965 Main Street). Doors open at 7pm. Featuring DJ HUBBZ. Visit the Vinyl Record Fair website or Facebook page for more information.

Photo: Chase Porter

Photo: Chase Porter

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