New Passenger Ferry Links Vancouver and Victoria

V2V Vacations is a brand new, direct, passenger ferry between two of Canada’s premium harbour cities – downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria, British Columbia. The passenger-only service aboard the V2V Empress is set to launch this month and will travel once per day between the two cities.

In Vancouver, the boat will dock at the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre (adjacent to the Vancouver Convention Centre) and in Victoria it will dock at the iconic Steamship Terminal Building located on the Inner Harbour in Victoria (across from the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel).  The arrival and departure designations are located near key hotels, restaurants, parks, shopping, museums, tour bus services and local attractions. Overnight mooring of the vessel will be in Vancouver and the vessel will be available for hosted evening events, receptions, meetings or pre/post conference functions.

Fast facts about the V2V passenger ferry

  • The V2V Empress is a high-speed passenger catamaran with a capacity to hold 300.
  • It will be a 3-hour journey between the cities, departing from Vancouver early morning and returning from Victoria early afternoon.
  • The on-board menu will feature local food and beverages available for purchase with additional specialty products profiled which will provide customers with a “Taste of B.C.”
  • V2V Vacations will offer a higher level of service by offering the feature of pre-booked seats for guests.
  • The vessel will be able to accommodate guests traveling with luggage.
  • Passengers will be able to access the internet on-board as well as movies, videos and educational content profiling the diverse wildlife that makes the BC coast unique.
  • A concierge service will be available on board during the voyage.
  • The V2V Empress will be equipped with a ride-control system to increase ride stability during rough sea conditions.
  • Vessel will be fully handicapped accessible/ barrier free.
  • One-way fares will cost $120, $199 and $240 (depending on the level of service).
  • First Nations artist Billy Cook designed the Orca which is displayed on both sides of the vessel.
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3 Responses to New Passenger Ferry Links Vancouver and Victoria

  1. Julie Paul

    If this was more affordable it would be great to have this port from downtown to Victoria to visit friends on the island and save the environment by not bringing more cars over, or driving to Tsawwassen. Unfortunately this is really unaffordable that I tend to. not even visit Victoria. I personally would have to drive to Tsawwassen, pay to park my car, ferry to Swartz Bay, transit to visit a friend, and spend more time just to save on money unfortunately. Wish this could be an affordable option one day, and to have just a toilet and a coffee stand with sandwiches and chips available. Fingers crossed.

  2. Shayne

    Catering to the rich what a rip off for a 3hour trip cheaper to catch harbor air and take the sea plane over and its only 40 min ride I hope this ship sinks

  3. If this was cheaper it would be worthwhile but at those prices who here wouldn’t jump on the seaplane (for less money) and be in vancouver much sooner?! I mean I guess if the market will pay then great, but I cant see this endeavour working out well!

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